Boycott this!

The best way to get the attention of large corporations, profit or non-profit, is to not partake of their services or products. While I would certainly hate to see you inconvenienced, I strongly encourage you to begin to pay attention to what is going on. You are about to become consumer number 1113-502. Like it or not, they got you. Or at least they think they do:

­­ Wal-Mart is the king of the hill. The largest company in the world, run by the richest family. Supposedly for our benefit. They squeeze wholesalers into selling a million of something to them for $50 a piece, while other smaller retailers pay $100. The smaller retailer then must sell the product for $175, making seventy-five dollars profit, while Wal-Mart undersells them at $170, making $120 profit. Do the math. They become rich, and everyone else goes out of business. Stay away from Mall-Wart.

­­ The Salvation Army is the worlds largest non-profit organization. They sell things to the poor that we give them. They do this for the supposed benefit of the poor. Remember, in BushWorld, there are no free lunches. Makes you lazy. And this Christian Army also refuses to hire gays. Seems they have a higher calling which obviously has nothing to do with diversity and Christian values. Write them off of your donation list.

­­ The Galesburg Rescue Mission seems to be trading right-winged Christian ideology for food and shelter. While I've never been homeless, or hungry for very long, I still don't think it's a fair trade. Charity should be unconditional.

­­ Nike has most of their shoes being made by third world workers who are paid next to nothing for their labor. Unfortunately, that's how most of our shoes are being made. Unfortunately, that's how most of anything is being made. The Chamber of Commerce has always realized that paying people a fair wage needlessly diminishes the bottom line. Almost every American corporation is shamelessly involved in shipping their production to developing nations in search of cheap labor. Nike has been in the forefront of this capitalist strategy. Nike deserves to be targeted. Just don't do it!

­­ Stay away from NBC, CBS, ABC,Fox. All of these stations are now corporate owned and controlled. They are more advertizing venues than entertainment. Most of the shows they are airing are designed to dumb you down faster than drugs will. Do yourself and the gene pool a favor, stay away from these stations.

­­ Credit cards are the new opiates of the masses. They pull you into debt and never let you go. As soon as you hit your max, you can never catch up. All that your payment covers is the interest. The principal is always there. This is the way financial institutions addict you to them. Stay away from credit cards. They are a danger to your health.

­­ McDonald's is the fast food giant. They have lead the way in feeding us food that is high in fat content and calories, and flavored with man-made additives. They have fattened us up for the kill. In this same category, one needs to include Burger King, Taco Bell, Hardees, Kentucky Fried, Wendy's. The list goes on and on. The best thing to do is target the leader. Just say no to Ronald. Your little porker kids or grandkids will one day be grateful.

­­ The Boy Scouts of America are on a path that leads to nowhere. Once a highly charged para military boot camp for training young boys how to accept orders, it has become a modern day dinosaur. Young people join gangs now. They got no time for such nonsense. Right-winged Christian ideology has poured into the scout laws, making the organization of little value to anyone who favors diversity and non-militaristic ways to solve our problems and develop character.

­­ I boycott Rush Limbaugh because my brain is screwed up enough the way it is.

*Texas should be on everyone's boycott list. George Bush lives in Texas. I have some good friends that live in Texas, so this is a real sacrifice. Still, that's not a good enough reason to go there. Texas is not a place to raise children, dogs, or hell. They'll execute you.

­­ Borders, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble. They demand secret discounts from publishers that give them an unfair advantage in the market place. Small, independent bookstores can't compete. Bigger is not necessarily better. In our haste to save a buck, we give away the ranch.

­­ Ingersoll-Rand, Foster Wheeler, Cooper Industries, Seagate Technology, Stanley Works, Nabors Industries, Enron. These and other corporations set up dummy companies in Bermuda to avoid paying taxes. We support the war, they support their lavish lifestyles. Isn't capitalism just great?

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