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– Bumper sticker of the week: Honey, I shrank the middle class. George W. Bush

– Quotes of the week: "There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." Albert Einstein

"We at the end of the last century were finding ourselves with big houses and broken homes, high incomes and low morale, secured rights and diminished civility. We were excelling at making a living but too often failing at making a life." David Myers

– Ten things to consider when joining the military:

1. Always take someone with you to the recruiters. What you ask for and what they give you may end up being two different things. Ask for it in writing. After you sign, they can pretty much do what they want with you.

2. There are a lot of ways to get educational monies. Dead is not one of the better ones.

3. Being a weekend warrior prepares you for nothing short of improving your drinking and bull shooting skills. That check you get every month may end up costing you a whole lot more than it’s worth.

4. Twenty years to retirement sounds pretty good, until an Iraq or Vietnam comes along.

5. Traveling around the world can seem pretty glamorous to an 18-year-old. What they don’t tell you is that very few countries welcome American soldiers.

6. Join the military. See the world. Make new friends. Kill them. They don’t train you to shoot a gun for the hell of it. They don’t explain to you how it might affect you, taking another human’s life.

7. Talk to veterans. Get a full picture of what the military life is all about.

8. Military people give up some of the rights enjoyed by the rest of us. Are you prepared to do that?

9. There is no quitting if you don’t like it. You can’t just walk away.

10. Consider other ways to serve your country and improve your skills.

– Republican National Convention agenda:

Opening prayer by Rev. Jerry Falwell.

Burning the Bill of Rights. John Ashcroft.

Seminar #1: Corporations: The government of the future. Carl Rove

Vote on which country to invade next.

Lunch, featuring freedom fries.

Seminar #2: Oil: It’s everywhere. Dick Cheney

Clarence Thomas reads a list of black Republicans.

Condi Rice sings "I Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man."

Seminar #3: Education: A drain on the economy. Wolfowitz.

Closing remarks: How pre-emptive war can save the world. Donald Rumsfeld.

Crowning of the King.

Laura serves milk and cookies.

– America, the great melting pot: Today, we’re not so sure who we want to allow into the pot. Most immigrants come from Latin America, Asia and Africa, whereas in the early 1900s, most came from Europe. The role of racism in today’s immigration debate is inescapable.

– Bush mounts war trophy: The only surprise is it’s not Saddam’s head. He had Hussein’s pistol mounted and shows it off to all the dignitaries visiting the White House. That pretty much sums up George W. Bush. This guy is a lunatic.

– Street Corner Revolution: We need more gathering places to share time, space, and ideas with each other. By reclaiming community oriented places, we plant the seeds for better communication, community empowerment, and a revitalized local culture. Join the Street Corner Revolution.