Galesburg on Reagan Trail – another blow

– Bumper sticker of the week: Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.

– Quote of the week: (about Mayor Giuliani) "A c— mayor who has become an a+ myth." Jack Newfield

– Number of days after Leonard Rojas’ execution that the Texas Supreme Court found Rojas’ lawyer incompetent: 68

Number of times Rojas’ lawyer, David Chapman, had handled a death-penalty case: 0

Number of times his license had been suspended from the Texas bar: 3

– Apocalypse now: At first I couldn’t buy it. The U.S. government on some kind of sacred mission to rid the world of evil and take control of it? I realize a lot of those folks in Washington are nuts and are goofy advocates of "nationalistic Christianity," but the apocalyptic talk was even too much for me. Unfortunately, I keep reading. Rumsfeld, Defense Secretary, recently urged Congress to lift a ban on the research and development of nuclear weapons. They immediately did so, being the fool-hearted nitwits they are. As you may remember, Bush never ruled out the use of nuclear weapons in Iraq. He repeatedly referred to the Iraqi effort as a "crusade." As unlikely as it would seem, all this right-winged ideology appears to be getting intertwined with world domination. Putting all the fancy talk aside, how do I end up feeling about all of this? Bad.

– Questions:

• Do Happy Meals really make kids happy, or just fat?

• Does oil really seep out of Bush’s ears?

• How many Republicans go to a health food store?

• Is war really the best way to achieve peace?

• Does killing people discourage people from killing people?

• Why would God only bless America?

• How did nationalism ever get confused for patriotism?

• Why do men worry so much about what women do with their bodies?

• Which came first, the chicken (Kentucky Fried) or the egg (Egg McMuffin)?

• How come prisons are filled with poor people?

• In a bad economy, how come rich people keep getting richer and poor people keep getting poorer?

• In a good economy, how come rich people keep getting richer and poor people keep getting poorer?

• Why do people who don’t have health insurance argue against universal health-care?

• Why do we keep voting for the same fools?

If I had a dollar for every question I’ve got, I’d be a rich man. Then I wouldn’t need to ask so many questions. It wouldn’t pay.

– Saving Pvt. Lynch: Seems the heroic effort to save Pvt. Jessica Lynch may have been a bit skewed by the U.S.government press corp. It was first reported that she had gunshot and knife wounds. It ends up she had no such injuries. She apparently crashed her vehicle and was taken to the hospital. By the time our elite fighting unit arrived to liberate her, the Iraqi Army was gone. We amBushed a hospital filled with medical personnel working to save lives, including Pvt. Lynch’s. The government gave her a convenient memory loss, which her father says she never had. There was shooting all over the place, but apparently it was staged. Welcome to Bushworld, where reporting has nothing to do with the truth and everything to do with propaganda for this apocalyptic war machine.

– Christ had quite a different vision for mankind. Unfortunately, not many Christians noticed.