I hear the train a-cominÕ


— Bumper sticker of the week: Lord, give me patience....But hurry.

— Quotes of the week: ÒI believe there is something out there looking over us. Unfortunately, itÕs the government.Ó  Woody Allen

 ÒDemocracy is a form of government where you can say what you think even if you donÕt think.Ó Source unknown, but it could be The Peever.

— The modern beginning for the struggle for gay rights happened on this date in 1969. The Stonewall Rebellion took place in Greenwich Village, at The Stonewall Bar. Gays were protesting ongoing harassment by the New York Police Dept. I believe it would be proper for all right-winged, Christian, Republicans to go back into the closet on this date. Kind of as a symbol of your support.

— Blue Moon on June 30: This would be the second full moon in June. This happens occasionally, particularly when mooning gets out of hand. It will be a very busy month for werewolves.

— BNSF Supertrain: BNSF is proud of their new intermodal train. It is 10,000 ft. long. ThatÕs just short of two miles. The maiden voyage went from LA to Chicago. IÕm assuming it went right through Galesburg. The press release didnÕt mention the inconvenience this length of train would cause motorists and pedestrians. Ten or fifteen minutes out of our lives waiting for a supertrain to pass is nothing to them. The BNSF knows no one, least of all a city like Galesburg, will say a word. After all, they supply us with jobs. That apparently makes them unapproachable and able to do whatever they want.

— Once again I can attest to the fact that Galesburg has the highest priced gas between here and Hot Springs, Arkansas. Lucky us.

— Speaking of Hot Springs: It was recently picked as the best retirement place to live in America. Criteria included what you get for your money, scenic beauty, climate, health-care, recreational activities, crime, quality of life, cultural activities, and retail services. Of course, I already knew this. Unfortunately, now every other Tom, Dick, and Harry in the world will.

— I saw this on a local church bulletin board: What will happen when Christ comes? It ainÕt right what I was thinking.

— BushÕs popularity at 29%. He should have stayed in Albania. They seem to love him. They can have him.

— I kind of like Zack Johnson, the golfer. He seems like a pretty good kid, and heÕs from the Midwest. But I didnÕt think much of him thanking God for his recent Masters win. Some more of that born again crap. I donÕt know for sure, but IÕm guessing God really donÕt care who wins any athletic event. I always figured He or She was way too busy with other things, like keeping people safe from Bush and his war mongers, or helping prisoners survive who have been unjustly held, or trying to figure out whoÕs really in the wrong at the Knox County Courthouse, or why they made three lanes on Seminary Street and took away my parking.

— ÒFrom the day the land was purchased to establish another industrial park, until someone actually opens a business on it, a minimum of 5 years will pass. In the meantime, our tax dollars will continue to be used to increase staff and salaries at the Chamber and GREDA.Ó I wrote that on June 26, 2003. One more year to go and I will qualify as a psychic. Or predictor of the inevitable.