You talk about a revolution


— Bumper sticker of the week: Annoyed by immigrants? Tell it to the Indians

— Quote of the week: ÒSo when something happens, like a giant volcano or a tsunami, an event in the EarthÕs history that has nothing to do with human beings, people rush forward to look for someone to blame. 'God (or whatever) is punishing you because you didnÕt do whatever it was I wanted you to do.' That kind of admonition is almost always followed with a prescription that has little to do with the problem at hand. Either you are to throw virgins into the volcano, murder persons of some religious or sexual orientation, or turn over all your worldly goods to the person whoÕs exhorting you in the first place.Ó John Mohawk

— Confirmed once again: Another trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas. Another confirmation: We have the highest priced gas between here and there. Here: $2.89 There: $2.59. Ouch!

— Revolution: You talk about a revolution.

— I like the sign on 34 by the prison: Do not pick up hitch hikers. Elicits a lot of confidence.

— Flag burning hysteria: More election year drama. LetÕs have a constitutional amendment against flag burning. These people are dangerous, and probably commies. Flag burning has grown to epic proportions. So far this year, there have been 6 confirmed flag burnings. In 2005 — 12, 2004 — 3, and 2003 — 6. This thing is way out of control. Thank you, Congressmen and Senators, for spending your time on such a burning issue.

— The politics of fear: Here we go again. Karl Rove is on the job, attempting to lead the Republicans on to victory in November by scaring the ever-living hell out of us. All of a sudden the terrorist threat is up. All of a sudden they find 7 would-be terrorists who were going to blow up the Sears Building in Chicago. The Senate votes to ban flag burning, and gay marriage is a bigger issue than racism. The flag waving, scare tactics, and song-singing has only just begun, designed to dress up patriotism and the Christian right's ideology into an Uncle Sam costume that the American electorate are dumb enough to vote for. Rove is good at it, and there are plenty of dumb people falling for it. A match made in Hell.

— Limbaugh hanging low: Rush nailed again. Seems he doesnÕt understand that you need a prescription to use and possess prescription drugs. Funny how that works. People using prescriptions drugs without prescriptions are called drug addicts. This one was a little funnier than his first. I kind of get a chuckle out of knowing Rush canÕt get a hard on. I know, you shouldnÕt get joy out of other peopleÕs Òshortcomings.Ó StillÉÉ 

— The e-mail. Only room for a couple:

¥ Sam: What do you think about the secret international banking surveillance program?

Peever: More of the same. Illegal activities being carried out in the name of terrorism. Bush and his cronies, including Congress, condemn those who expose these illegal, secret activities rather than the perpetrators of government terrorism against the American and world people. Sam, if you buy this crap, I got some land for you in Iraq.

¥ Maria: I hear we are all paying for the mess in Louisiana and Mississippi. WhatÕs the deal?

Peever: What mess are you referring to? The mess made by the hurricanes, or the one made by the government? As taxpayers and buyers of insurance, we will all pay. ThatÕs the capitalist way, keep the profit and share the misery. (As a side note, you mentioned you have not been in this country very long. Welcome aboard. I hope your papers are in order?)

¥ Connie: The Supreme Court reprimanded the President for usurping his power regarding the war detainees. Do you agree with their decision?

Peever: I would have preferred that they have Bush arrested and sent to Guantanamo indefinitely. IÕm sure some of the detainees, now held for over 3 years without a charge or trial, would like to discuss the situation with him. But IÕll take what we got.