Forty-two percent and falling

– Bumper sticker of the week: Think – It’s Patriotic

– Wal-Mart female discrimination suit moves forward: A federal judge has ruled that a class-action suit filed against Wal-Mart on behalf of 1.5 million women is valid and can move on to trial. Wal-Mart uses its patent statement: there is no merit to the case. Class-action suit experts believe this case will eventually be settled out of court for billions of dollars. Wal-Mart will be allowed to claim in the settlement that they really didn’t do anything wrong. All will be happy, and they hope, forgiven. This is one of Bush’s All-American companies. Boycott!

–As the election draws near, keep an eye on the Republican states as they move to purge their voter lists. You can bet all the names purged will be workers, poor, and minorities, all most likely to vote for a Democrat.

– Why do women’s jeans have pockets in the rear? They don’t carry a billfold, at least not most of them. Pockets only mess up the view. They should be outlawed.

– Bush couldn’t leave Cuba alone: As part of the Bush world domination—liberator theme, the Bush administration tightens the embargo and travel regulations pertaining to Cuba. This will please the Cuban exiles living in Florida who were thrown out of Cuba by Castro for exploiting their own people. Ends up most reasonable commentators believe that a tightening of travel and embargo restrictions will only hurt the Cuban people, in particular the children and elderly. Chalk another one up for our pathetically arrogant King W, looking for votes in November by putting other people’s lives on the line.

– Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush, and numerous generals should all be put on trial for breaking various articles of the Geneva Convention, in particular those dealing with war prisoners and torture. These guys seem to think they can make up their own rules. The world needs to teach them otherwise.

– Kerry supports the occupation of Iraq. On that subject, he’s Bush-Lite.

– Ten ways to better yourself:

1. Don’t use drugs. Don’t sell drugs. Both will take you down.

2. Don’t get married too young or have children too young. Wait until you’re at least 25 for both.

3. Don’t accept as fact what people say about things, regardless of their presumed status or educational level. Think. Listen. If it doesn’t quite fit or make sense to you, go to the library or use the internet and search out the facts. People nowadays are about a good three-quarters bullshit.

4. On a daily basis, let your employer know that you are worth more than they’re paying you and you deserve benefits.

5. Don’t borrow money from loan shark title companies. Beg on the street before you do that.

6. If you got a landlord taking advantage of you, tell him he’s an asshole. He can’t kick you out for being truthful.

7. Hold your head up high and look people in the eyes. You’re as good as they are, and probably smarter.

8. Never think that you have to accept violent behavior from anyone. Violence should not be accepted from anyone, under any circumstances, for any reason.

9. Don’t use credit cards unless you pay off the balance every month. This is a rich man’s scheme to keep you poor and them rich.

10. Never ever put down another man’s religion. How is it you’re so sure yours is right and his wrong?

– Polls show Bush’s popularity rating at 42%: Stand by. With "Fahrenheit 9/11" showing in local theaters, his approval rating will fall to 35%. This will be the largest and most successful documentary film ever. Don’t you just love it?

– Pharmaceutical companies buy doctors: A new study just published describes how pharmaceutical companies pay doctors to prescribe their medicines. Who in the hell just noticed that?