– Bumper sticker of the week: He who limps is still walking.

– Quote of the week: "Look at the life of Jesus. He went through his whole public ministry breaking laws because they were crushing the people and because they weren’t real laws. Every time he went into the synagogue on the Sabbath and healed people or cleansed the temple, he was breaking the law. The story of Jesus’ public ministry is suppressed by the established church, so much so that the historical figure of Jesus never emerges. It’s pitiful." Philip Berrigan

– Acts of faith:

• Giving birth.

• Getting up in the morning in spite of it all.

• Believing humans are inherently good.

• Buying a car.

• Believing in a higher power when there is no good reason to.

• Hoping life will continue on after death.

• Looking in a mirror and being satisfied with what you see.

• Being spiritual, your way.

• Voting.

– Fearlessness is the first requisite of spirituality. Cowards can never be moral. Gandhi

– Peace:

• is not an end product. It is a way of life.

• cannot be obtained with a gun in your hand.

• can be found in the most unlikely places.

• of mind cannot be had through killing.

• is a very personal thing.

• is not a military concept. It is a spiritual one.

– Seek the company of those who are still seeking the truth, and run away from those who think they have found it. J.T. O’Hara

– What is a conscientious objector?: When I was twenty-three, I became a conscientious objector. When the draft board questioned me about my convictions, they posed the traditional CO question: What would you do if someone were raping your wife? My answer was not quite what they wanted to hear, but was honest and straightforward: I wouldn’t push my convictions that far. You never know. Being a conscientious objector will soon become a relevant question for many of our your adults, as our nation aggressively moves toward conquering the world and a draft becomes more and more likely as we occupy more and more countries. Killing another human being is contrary to our nature. Once you do it, it will never let you go.

– If Christ showed up at some of our right-winged churches in this town, he’d cry.

– How stupid can you be:

• If you think NAFTA is good for the workers of this country, you’re stupid.

• If you think management is going to give you a square deal, you better get a brain scan.

• If you think the Chinese are going to move to Galesburg and pay us a living wage, you’re really stupid. They don’t pay their own workers a living wage.

• If you think jailing drug users is going to win the war on drugs, you’re dumber than the day is long.

• You’re pretty stupid if you think God only blesses America.

• George W. Bush is a plain and simple moron. If you can’t see that, you’re stupid.

• If you think the new industrial park is going to help establish reasonable jobs in Galesburg, you’re dumber than dumb.

• The city council has done nothing but stupid things. The county board is not much further behind. Maybe we’re all stupid? Maybe stupid is good? That’s stupid.

– How do you measure the integrity of a person?:

• Does the person keep their word?

• When talking to the person, are they listening?

• Is there any kind of false front being put up?

• Does the person seem comfortable looking at you?

• The person’s behavior has to follow their words. The person has to be living a congruent life.

• If all else fails, measure their nose.