-Bumper sticker of the week: If Clinton deserved impeachment, Bush deserves imprisonment.


-Quote of the week: ŌNot to ask the tough questions is the height of lack of patriotism.Ķ Dan Rather


-Some advice from the ŌBucket ListĶ, mainly for men: 1. DonÕt pass by a john. 2. DonÕt waste a hard on. 3. DonÕt trust a fart.


-Speaking of Bucket Lists: We should all make one. After all, you never know about tomorrow. You just might kick the bucket:

     1. IÕd like to go to France. Paris, and a couple of small towns. IÕd like to eat frog legs, have some truffles, and sip some fine wine, all the while trying to convince them that not every American is a right-wing, Christian, moron.

     2. Cuba is a place I would like to spend about 3 months sitting on the beach listening to music, and talking to Castro and his brother Raul. IÕd like to talk to them about pulling off that revolution, just in case I realize my third bucket wish.

     3. IÕd like to be involved with a non-violent revolution. Preferably kicking everyone out of Washington. While this would be somewhat risky, it sure would be fun.

     4. IÕd like to meet Jimmy Buffett and Dave Barry. They just seem like two guys who would be fun to meet. Buffett has been a huge success with a limited amount of talent, which I admire, and Barry writes some of the craziest things I have ever read, which is also an admirable trait.

     5. I donÕt see any reason to not start a soup kitchen. Three, four, five soups with homemade bread and rolls. If you can afford to pay for your meal, you do, if not, you donÕt. Seems everyone is getting poorer every day. Welcome to BushWorld. We could call the soup kitchen, BushÕs Place.

     6. IÕd like to learn how to speak Spanish, although I hear tell Mexican is easier.

     7. IÕd like to teach at a community college. IÕd be a good teacher. Maybe sex education.

     8. IÕd like to be a chef, but on a small scale. Maybe one meal per day, say one day per week. Maximum twenty people. If youÕre interested, give me a call.

     9. I donÕt want to sky dive, or ride a mechanical bull, or drive a race car. IÕd just as soon sit on the beach sipping a margarita, and write a number one best seller. No use dying doing something stupid.

   10.  Of all the things IÕd like to do before I kick the bucket, IÕd trade in all nine for one moment of ecstasy. Bliss. Becoming. Well, maybe all but number three.


-They paved paradise: What was once prime farmland is now a parking lot for Wal-Mart, a store peddling cheap Chinese crap. This is what the economic leaders of the city call progress. ItÕs what I call bull. And that ainÕt the half of it. They ruined Seminary Street. It used to be one of my favorite pastimes counting cars while sitting on the front porch. Now I need a calculator. I could park my car on the street. No more. Now itÕs a raceway for cars and ambulances. Growing organic vegetables on that land would have been, in the long run, a much wiser investment. And I could still back out of my driveway without endangering my life.


-The irrelevance of government: On the federal, state, county, and local levels, you could not think up a more stagnated, irrelevant group of elected officials. Elected is the key word. WeÕre to blame! We wonder why weÕre in the shape weÕre in. Look no further. We have elected the sorriest of the lot to lead us. The federal government is recklessly homicidal; the state government is actually the Chicago government; Knox county government is uselessly irrelevant; and the city of Galesburg government is archaic and clueless. Put them all together and you get what we got-trouble. We need to move forward in spite of government. They are all deeply mired in the muck.  God, or for that matter, anything, help us.