WhereÕs God when you need him, her, it?


-Bumper sticker of the week: No Child Left Behind-They must think weÕre dumb and blind.


-Quotes of the week: ÒYou only live once but, if you do it right, once should be enough.Ó  Mae West


ÒWe cannot be both the worldÕs leading champion of peace and the worldÕs leading supplier of arms.Ó  Jimmy Carter


-Eating establishment of the week: Crappies in downtown Galesburg has the best cheese pizza and wings in town. Bar none. And they have one of GalesburgÕs best waitresses, and, I might add, one of the prettiest, DaveÕs daughter, Jennifer. We recently went down on a Wednesday for a bucket of beer, which includes a small pizza, or wings, for $10. Good food, a great waitress, and a beer or two. You canÕt beat it.


-The times of your life: Time to reminisce. Think about some of the highlights of your life. Here are a few of mine:

     * One of lifeÕs thrills is using the toilet for the first time. I know, youÕre thinking, how can you remember that? Well, I was six.

     * I remember stealing that first kiss from the neighbor girl. I must have been around 9. SheÕs hated me ever since.

     * How about the first time you ever drove? My cousin let me drive his car while he and his girlfriend were making out in the back-seat. I learned how to use the rear-view mirror really well.

     * The first drink I ever had was when I was sent to the tavern to get a bucket of beer for the men gathered at our home to watch the Friday Night Fights. We had one of the only TVÕs in the neighborhood, so ten or so people would usually show up to watch. I always attributed some of the lose to spillage. I doubt if that fooled my father.

     * Your first car is really a thrill. I got a 57 Chevy in 1965. Black, with lots of chrome. She was a beauty. I think it was $800.

     * I saw Martin Luther King, Jr., in Chicago, in 1967. I didnÕt get within probably 50 ft., but you could feel the power.

     * I was married on March 6, 1971, to my childhood sweetheart. I fell in love with my wife when I was around 13 or 14, and IÕve never fallen out of love with her.

     * Having that first child is something. Mainly scary. YouÕre worried about everything. The second is a bit easier. You end up with many a sleepless nights, and a lot of gray hair, but itÕs all worth it.

     * I didnÕt think a whole lot about graduating from college or graduate school, but I should have, if for no other reason, for my mother.


-Bush continues to escalate the war, and all we get from the Democrats is a non-binding resolution. The Washington Democrats are not much more effective than the Knox County ones. They are both headed for extinction.

-The longer Bush is in office, the less inclined I am to believe there is a God.


-This 25 year old girl keeps e-mailing me, wanting me to look at her pictures. IÕm kind of flattered that she chose me out of the millions of other people in the country to look at her pictures. I really donÕt know much about what constitutes a well composed picture, but IÕm betting hers meets the criteria.


-Entertaining ourselves with nothing:

     * Paris Hilton

     * Knox County Democrats

     * The U.S. Supreme Court

     * The Garden of Eden

     * Television

     * iPhone

     * Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Bill OÕReilly