Bumper sticker of the week: Never have so few taken so much from so many for so long.

– Quote of the week: "Let us not become the evil that we deplore." Barbara Lee (Congresswoman who cast the lone vote on 9/14/01 against Bush’s use-of-force resolution.)

– The Corporate Insane: (vote for one).

Wal-Mart: World’s largest corporation. Allegedly discriminates against women. Uses sweatshops in the U.S. and overseas. Denies. Pricing policies force small businesses out of business. Has ruined more down-towns than any other single factor.

– Monsanto: The creators of Agent Orange and DDT. Lately concentrating on the biotechnology industry. Genetically altering crops to withstand their own pesticide, Roundup.

–Exxon-Mobil: Opposes carbon emission reductions called for in the Kyoto Protocol. Supports junk science. Denies global climate change. Is equipped to put down local opposition to their presence in foreign countries.

– General Electric: Makers of numerous weapons of mass destruction. Huge government contracts. They like to hide behind their refrigerators.

– Philip Morris/Atria: Please don’t misuse our product, even though we do everything within our power to addict you to our cigarettes. Peddlers of a lot of influence in Congress.

–Boeing: Leading weapons producer. Uses a lot of unemployed politicians as lobbyists. Makers of the world famous "smart bombs."

–Pfizer: Now the largest drug pusher in the world. Reportedly spent nearly $3 million on federal lobbying in 2003. Aggressively protects its patents, suing companies that make cheaper generic brands.

Send in your vote. I’ll be glad to report the winning company to the stock holders meeting. The shareholders would surely be proud.

60 percent of U.S. companies pay no income tax. Why do we?

– I hear the Bush twins are thinking of enlisting? They’d do their daddy proud. He can tell them how to be signed-up without showing-up.

– Television sucks: Now that it’s corporate owned, they’re proceeding to ruin it.

– Here’s a good one: Why, in this lifetime, would someone join the military now? (Other than the Bush twins). Since the beginning of time, the poor have fought our wars while the rich watch. That ought to give you some kind of clue.

– Capitalism has not worked in America. Nor will it work anywhere else in the world. It is fundamentally flawed. It requires rich, white, Christian men to carry it out.

– Continuing Bush’s accomplishments:

21. Achieved record sales of duct tape and plastic.

22. Lied about chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons in order to wage war on Iraq.

23. While sending American youth to die in foreign wars, covered up his own draft dodger status during the Vietnam war. His rich father got him in the Texas National Guard, where there remains serious questions about whether or not he completed his obligation.

24. Undermined the United Nations and the International Criminal Court.

25. Occupies Iraq against all international laws, and while American soldiers are killed almost daily. There have been no substantiated reasons why we attacked Iraq and held its President in jail.