In BushWorld torture is allowed

Bumper sticker of the week: The burden of inept management always falls on the employee.

Quote of the week: ''In the beginning there was man. That was a clever idea. Then there was woman. Strike two. Together they managed to figure out how to procreate. And God said this is good, this is very, very, good. Now there are over 6 billion of us. And this is the entity we put our hopes and trust in.'' The Gospel According to Peever, Bruce Weik

­­Who can beat W. George in 2004:--

Al Gore would clearly have to be considered the front-runner. ''Reelect Gore in 2004'' does have a certain ring to it, although this guy is about as boring as a Sunday night in Galesburg.--

I always did like Adlai Stevenson. I can't imagine he is still alive, which probably wouldn't hurt his chances.--

It's probably a little too early for Jesse Jackson, Jr., but by 2004, Bush's ineptness will more than make up for Jackson's inexperience. Jackson is young, energetic, can speak in more than 5 word sentences, has never been known to take a one month vacation while in office, has had an MRI which proves he has a brain, and has a famous daddy to boot. Bush can only cover one of these.--

I think ex-Senator Paul Simon would make a great President, although he is getting a bit old and is way too smart.--

I'd take Bush on myself, but I made a promise early on in my life to never take advantage of the dumb.

­­Put this in your memory bank: W.George is heading down. His popularity is now in the sixty percent range. When it hits the 50s, look out Iraq. He'll resort to his father's tactics. If we all happen to be alive afterward, his popularity will be in the 40s. By the primary election in 2003, his popularity will be below 45%. Further deterioration of the economy could put him in the 30s. Still, the way Republicans count votes, he will be a tough opponent. But like his father, he'll be retiring back into the oil business.

­­How do real estate prices stay sky-high in a town where businesses and population are dropping faster than W. George's popularity:

1.Real estate companies and agents merge into two major groups, limiting competition and making it easier to control prices.

2.There are few real estate appraisers, again helping to control prices.

3.Luckily, mortgage rates have stayed low, allowing renters to buy and present homeowners to buy up.

4.With the state economy dependent on property taxes, we cannot afford real estate taxes to tumble due to lower prices. We are caught in the proverbial paradox: for life to get better, the price of property must go up, thus proving the old saying: Never believe that a used car salesman is your friend.

­­Here's some good news: The House voted to lift some of the sanctions against Cuba. A vote to lift the economic embargo entirely failed by only 22 votes. Here's some of the rhetoric during the debate:--

''Cuba is a known harborer of international terrorists.'' Rep. Roy Blunt, R-MO. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest this is true.--

''We have ample reason to believe that Castro is developing weapons of mass destruction.'' Rep. Tom Delay, R-TX. There has been no evidence brought forward to suggest this is true.--

''Lifting sanctions now would provide a helping hand to a desperate and repressive regime.'' A White House statement. No one I have ever talked to who has visited Cuba has ever suggested that the people are anything but extremely pleasant and happy. They are mad at the U.S. Trade Embargo for making their lives miserable over the last 30 years.

­­ Here's some bad news: The U.S. is refusing to back a U.N. resolution to allow independent inspections of prisons and war camps to check for torture. We don't want such things to interfere with our war effort. This should make us all ashamed. Yet another BushWorld benchmark: Pro torture.

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