Leave It To Peever

­­ Bumper sticker of the week: ''Bush/Cheney: America's Second Choice.''

­­ Quote of the week: ''Globalization is an objective reality underlining the fact that we are all passengers on the same vessel -- this planet where we all live. But passengers on this vessel are traveling in very different conditions. A trifling minority is traveling in luxurious cabins furnished with the internet, cell phones and access to global communication networks. They enjoy a nutritional, abundant and balanced diet as well as clean water supplies. They have access to sophisticated medical care and culture. The overwhelming and suffering majority is traveling in conditions that resemble the terrible slave trade from Africa to America in our colonial past. That is, 85 percent of the passengers on this ship are crowded together in its dirty hold, suffering hunger, disease and helplessness. Obviously, this vessel is carrying too much injustice to remain afloat, pursuing such an irrational and senseless route... It is our duty to take our rightful place at the helm and ensure that all passengers can travel in conditions of solidarity, equity, and justice.'' Fidel Castro, speech to South Summit, April, 2000.

­­ From dawn to dusk, all I do is mumble. The only thing I can hope for is that no one notices my front tooth is missing.

­­ The only viable third party in America is The Republicrats. Republicrats are the result of an elephant and an ass getting together to screw, mainly the rest of us.

­­ ''Suburbia. The fastest growing area in Illinois. It stretches 5, 10, 20, 25 miles from Chicago. They stand there in sharp contrast to the corn and soybeans, those two story, three window, $175,000-$250,000 homes with their two car garages and five inches of lawn. They all look the same, but it doesn't much matter. Should you pick the wrong one to enter on your return from your job located two suburbs over, no one would really notice. The lives are all pretty much the same, not unlike the homes.'' from The Peever's new book, God Bless America.

­­ Peever's boycotts:--

Wal-Mart: They pretty much have a corner on the market. Every market. Buy it at Kmart, Target, or better yet, don't buy it. You probably don't need it, you only think you do.--

McDonald's: You are what you eat. More importantly, you are what you live. Remember, most of the stuff you buy there is fake. Support local cafés.--

Farmland, IBP: Give up anything that comes from a factory packing house. What a mess. Buy from small, local operations like Thrushwood Farms or Alwan Bros.--

Monsanto: Instead join a cult. That way you'll only end up poisoning yourself.--

TV: But only stations 1-999. Give your brain a break.--

Walt Disney World: They're terrible to their employees and endorse animals as more sophisticated and intelligent than humans. On second thought, maybe that's not so out of line.--

Salvation Army: First of all because they use the word army. Secondly, they're way too big. Thirdly, they discriminate. Fourthly, they charge too much for the products they are given. Fifthly, they're getting a little high-strung. Sixthly, where did they get the money for the fancy new building? Seventhly, they're getting way too big.--

The Boy Scouts: They need to be taught a lesson. Their own law states that a scout should be cheerful, which is close to gay. I really don't get it?

­­ Genoa, Italy. The world's Big 8 meet behind concertina wire-infested fences. The head honchos, afraid to stand before the people and tell them face to face how bad they are about to screw them. What a sad commentary, that these fools must lock themselves inside a prison in order to rule. Reminds me of the old saying: When water is polluted, fish choke; when government is harsh, people rebel.

­­ The Kyoto Pact moves forward without the U.S. Goes to show you just how out-of-step President George is concerning the global climate debate. The European Union laughs in our face. They're on to you, George. They know where your money comes from and who your daddy is. This represents the first of many global slaps-in-the-face we will get over the next three years. When rich men rule.

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