We’re witnessing universal stupidity.


-Bumper sticker of the week: Preach the Gospel at all times, and if necessary, use words.      


-Quotes of the week: “God is a metaphor for that which transcends all levels of intellectual thought. It’s as simple as that.”


“I don’t have to have faith. I have experience.”            Joseph Campbell


-Screwed: I’m getting the distinct feeling that as the economy gets worse, the more I am getting screwed. I go to gas up the car: screwed. I pay the electricity and natural gas bill: screwed. I march my taxes down to the courthouse: screwed. Grocery store, screwed; buy booze, screwed; casinos, screwed; cable, screwed; cell-phone, screwed. It’s getting so bad, I’m getting worn out.

No wonder our pregnancy rate is so high.


-Things that scare me:

     * Right-wing Christians.

     * Nuclear weapons.

     * Politicians.

     * My golf game.

     * Irresponsible drivers (Cell-phones, texting).

     * Guns.

     * Big mouths-small brains.

     * Slum lords.

     * The rate of extinctions.


-Compassion: We are our brothers and sisters keeper. It is said if you don’t have compassion, you don’t have a heart. To look upon another’s suffering and walk by is t deny our humanity. It is just as easy to share as it is to deny and withhold. Hunger is not a problem because we do not have the resources to grow enough, or because we do not have enough food. Hunger is political, moral, a way to keep the poor in their place. It is dehumanizing, not only for the hungry, but for those of us with plenty who fail to give. Housing is available for everyone, or could be made available, but not in my neighborhood. We have plenty of hospitals, plenty of medication, plenty of high-tech healing, but these things are not made available to everyone. They are commodities that you must be able to pay for. Christ didn’t walk by the beggar, nor did he send the leper away. “Bear one another’s burden, and in this you will fulfill the law of Christ.”  If it is happiness you are looking for, share in another’s unhappiness. Compassion will take you to where it is you desire to be. Giving will empty your heart of sorrow and distress, and fill it with love and happiness. It seems that I the darkest hour, and the most tragic of circumstances, it is then that we find our most fulfilling moments. When we reach out a hand to help, we touch and help not only the other, but ourselves. It is right then, at that instant, that we feel the presence of the holy.


-Obama’s popularity scores lowest in Wyoming. I personally would feel good about that.


-Health-care and you: As you can see, insurance companies, managed care companies, pharmaceutical companies, and Republicans in general are fighting against some form of universal health-care. You shouldn’t need any more reason than those to be for it. If you are still intimidated by their scare tactics and stupidity, I would advise you to seek a mental health exam, should you have insurance, or be able to afford one. You are being duped, by dupes. Think about it: Guaranteed health-care will help you and the one’s you love. We have money for everything else, but not for ourselves. Our Senators and Representatives will pass some kind of health-care. Whatever they pass,  they should get the same coverage as we do, including none if that’s what they give us. That would seem only fair. With that at stake, we would have had universal health-care fifty years ago.