Leave It To Peever

­­ Bumper sticker of the week: Want to live in a radically different way? Try thinking.

­­ Quote of the week: ''Think of the poorest person you have ever seen and ask if your next act will be of any use to him.'' (words inscribed over Gandhi's tomb).

''Live simply that others might simply live.'' Gandhi

­­ I miss the old Stuckey's that used to be about every 60 miles along the interstate. A trip wasn't complete without one of their good old caramel pecan log rolls, with the nugget center. I always claimed I had to go to the bathroom whenever I spotted one. Man, those pecan log rolls were good. Sometimes I'd even remember to go to the bathroom. That pee con got me a lot of log rolls.

­­ I'm gathering information on the telecommunication system the city is hoping we will pay for. So far I've discovered every computer nerd, the EDC, and Galesburg 2000 is supporting the referendum, which is worrisome. It's a complicated proposal, full of promises, which also is troubling. Still, the system seems to have a lot of potential. On the plus side, the city will not manage the system. The downside to that arrangement is having a city council that will interfere with whoever does. I'm familiar with politicians interfering with publicly operated businesses. Take for instance the Knox County Nursing Home...

­­ We're about to redo the downtown area. Here's the plan: We'll take 65,000 Purington Payers, 15 old clocks, 25 gallons of green paint, and 35 shrubs and assorted other plants, mix them all together, and poof, a downtown area people will still not go to because there's nothing there to buy. Everyone will admire the newly decorated town square on their way out to the mall.

­­ Mark Baker challenges Joe Lieberman to a debate. I'm sure Mr. Lieberman has nothing better to do than to debate a two-time loser for a seat in the U.S. House. Debate about what? How to have an original idea? Still, in an effort to give Baker the benefit of the doubt, Lieberman should send his dog.

­­ You go to most stores now-a-days and you get the distinct impression that the sales people are mad that someone unlocked the doors to let you in. It's like you're keeping them from talking to their boyfriend or girlfriend on the phone, or calling home to check on their kids, or just plain keeping them awake. After waiting an ungodly amount of time to be waited on, I triumphantly march out of the store, to the sheer delight of the sales clerks.

­­ I recently had an opportunity to visit The Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa. I was staying at The New Melleray Abbey for a few days to freshen up my soul. The Abbey was founded by a group of Trappist monks in 1849. I discovered The Field of Dreams was not far away. Quite a contrast. A 150-year-old sacred site, and a brand new sacred site taking on the unlikely shape of a ball diamond in the middle of a cornfield. I enjoyed the dichotomy. Both places move you to think about life, your place in it, how you're living it, where you might still need to go. Sacred places refreshen the Dream. I enjoyed my visit to both.

­­ More mail:

-- Dear Peever: Do you think college athletes should be paid? Rick.

Dear Rick: They are. What do you call free tuition?--

Dear Mr. Peever: Do you think there is a way to save the environment? Sally.

Dear Sally: Yes. Eliminate mankind. This can easily be done by hiring Monsanto.--

Peever: Under what circumstances would you consider voting Republican? You seem like a staunch Democrat. Carol.

Dear Carol: Being a Democrat is not high on my list. However, voting Republican is not on it at all.--

Dear Mr. Peever: What do you consider the most important thing for humans to be doing at this point in our history? Harry.

Dear Harry: For the second time in history, we need to climb out of the primordial ooze.--

Dear Peever: Seems everyone in Galesburg is working. Galesburg 2000 proclaims it is a success. Over 2000 new jobs. What do you think? Jim.

Dear Jim: Do you always believe everything you hear and/or read? 2000 minimum wage jobs caused mainly by the new welfare to work system, which moves people from the poor to the working poor list. Our Chamber of Commerce subsidiaries love this arrangement. I think it stinks.

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