-- Bumper sticker of the week: Nothing is as inevitable as a mistake whose time has come.

-- Quote of the week: ''It is a considerable boon for a person to realize that he has his negative side like everyone else, that the daemonic works in potentiality for both good and evil, and that he can neither disown it nor live without it. It is similarly beneficial when he also comes to see that much of his achievement is bound up with the very conflicts this daemonic impulse engenders. This is the seat of the experience that life is a mixture of good and evil; that there is no such thing as pure good; and that if the evil weren't there as a potentiality, the good would not be either. Life consists of achieving good not apart from evil but in spite of it.'' Power and Innocence, Rollo May (1972).--

Seems we have a ''secret government'' and a ''secret court,'' which are both bullshit. Not one American should agree with such nonsense. Bush and his merry band of oilmen should be sent to England to frolic in Tony Blair's kingdom. In a show of national unity, I'm calling for a day of national clowning, in honor of our dearly beloved President, on November 5, 2002. Call in sick, take a vacation day, or just plain tell your employer to chuck it, and join in on the fun. Spend the day clowning around, which seems to be the major pastime in Washington. First, go and vote. It's election day. That should be really funny. Write in make believe names. Have some fun with it. Next, maybe gather up a few people and pretend you are the U.S. Congress. Say a bunch of stupid things and make believe you're real important. Than go hide in your basement and act like you're a ''shadow government.'' But don't tell anybody where you're hiding. Remember, it's a secret. Maybe at sundown have a parade. Everyone loves a parade. Especially with a lot of clowns. Sing, dance, make up songs about Bush and Cheney and Ashcroft. Have yourself one hell of a time, cause on November 6, you're liable to be in a camp for ''enemy combatants.''--

Labor Day: What a fiasco. Everyone comes out on Labor Day to show their support for the working men and women of America. A Republican shouldn't be allowed within a mile of a Labor Day parade. And I would put most Democrats on the same ship of fools and set it out on the Dead Sea. You talk of unions to most Democrats today and they immediately break out in a sweat and start stuttering and stammering. You ask them how workers should protect themselves from thieving CEO's and greedy corporate boards and stockholders, and they don't have a clue. ''Can't we just all get along,'' is about as intelligent an answer as they can manage to mutter out. Democrats try their hardest to be moderate Republicans. They think that's the only way they can get elected. I frankly think it was their potty training. You dump the whole lot into a pot of boiling water, and you end up with a Republicrat, which pretty much resembles most of the candidates running in the November election. Watch out for the Green Party! By 2004, they'll be attracting all the young voters and anyone with a brain.--

McDonald's de-fats its fries. This is a direct result of losing market share. People are tired of killing themselves. The book, ''Fast Food Nation'' has been directly responsible for forcing McDonald's to rethink its priorities, although they continue to not quite get it. They clean up their fries but add brats to their menus, one of the fattest laden products they could possibly come up with. They clearly have no intentions of helping us keep our arteries clear. They continue to fatten us up for the kill.--

Here's to you CEO's out there intent on screwing us:

People have a right to a job.

A right to a safe work-place.

A right to organize and be represented.

A right to a living wage and benefits, the most important of which is health-care.

A right to strike.

A right to fair compensation for injuries on the job.

A right to sue if injured by negligent employers.

A right to security of pension and retirement benefits.

A right to participate in the political process.

If you got one of these jerk CEO's in it only for themselves, give me the name and business. We'll rack them over the coals. It will be fun.--

I've recently read that daughters who are close to their mothers are more likely to delay having teen sex than those who are not. I hope they didn't spend much money on this study. Obviously, listening to mother bellyache about having to have sex with dad would eventually have its effects.

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