Bumper sticker of the week: KEEP ON PEEVIN'--

Quote of the week: ''A warrior should be capable of artfully conducting his or her life in every action.... The path of fearlessness is connected with what we do right now, today, rather than with anything theoretical or waiting for a cue from somewhere else. The basic vision of warriorship is that there is goodness in everyone. We are all good in ourselves. So we have our own warrior society within our own body. We have everything we need to make the journey already.'' Conquering Fear, Chogyam Trungpa--

Ten ways to improve your life:

1.Do something for someone other than yourself

2.Read and watch something positive, which eliminates most newspapers and most TV programs. Try writing, painting, quilting, underwater basket weaving.

3.Don't stay out after midnight. Nothing good happens after midnight.

4.Increase and/or improve your relationships. Life is much better when not lived alone. But don't confuse alone for lonely.

5.Find something to believe in other than money and possessions.

6.Never mistake being alive for living.

7.Try to give up any notions of revenge. Revenge steals from your soul until you are left with nothing but anger and sorrow.

8.Don't work for just money. Work at something you like.

9.Never play chicken with a semi.

10.Let people be. As hard as it may be for you to believe, your way is not the only way.--

The Masters: The Masters is a prestigious golf tournament held at Augusta National, in the great state of Georgia. Augusta is an all male, almost completely white, (one token black, as I understand), exclusive country club, bent at all costs on upholding the code of the south: Black man and poor white trash, stay out. Some of their esteemed members: Jack Welsh, former CEO of GE, Sanford Weill, Warren Buffet, and Sam Nunn. Quite a la-de-da group. This nonsense needs to come to an end. They certainly have a right to mingle together and tell stories about how they screw their workers, but that doesn't mean we need to support them. Turn off the Masters and let's boycott all the products and services these rich, bone-headed men produce. Then let's see how long they enjoy their all white, male, exclusive golf club.

P.S. And Tiger Woods should boycott the tournament, although he doesn't fancy himself as a champion of minority causes. He seemingly puts winning above principle.--

Here's an old mental health saying: ''We're as sick as our secrets.'' If this is true, the Bush administration is terminally ill.--

Dear City Council: Please don't sell water to Monmouth. Why ruin your record and do something right.--

It's about time to look at the upcoming election. You won't find any earlier predictions anywhere. Or more accurate:

­­Governor: I'm going with Blah-goy-o-vish. The first Democrat to be elected governor of Illinois since Lincoln.

­­U.S. Senator: Durbin is a shoo-in.

­­U.S. Representative, District 17: Evans by a 75%-25% margin. Maybe bigger.

­­State Rep., District 73: Moffitt by a wide margin, even with a big Democratic year.

­­State Senate, District 37: This is a hard one to call. Haven't heard much from either candidate. If left unchallenged, the Republican is likely to win, given it's a Republican district. But with a big Democratic vote, it could end up a tie. However, if all the Mangieris vote....

­­County Clerk: Buck by an antler.

­­County Treasurer: Davis. I don't trust investment counselors.

­­Regional Superintendent: This one has been a hand-me-down for the Republican party for years. I'm going to go out on a limb and predict an upset in this one. Harris by fewer than 50 votes. This is assuming a big Democratic year, that all minorities will vote Harris, and that Jeb Bush is not in charge of the vote count.--

I was listening to a Lutheran minister argue for creationism the other day when I got to thinking: who the hell cares?

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