– Bumper sticker of the week: Dubya – making millionaires into billionaires.

– Quote of the week: "Who owns America? How much did it cost? Was the transaction cash, check, or credit card? Was it a donation to my son who’s running for president? Or a consulting contract to my wife’s former law partner to comfort him on his way to the federal penitentiary? And what do you give a billionaire who has everything? That gold mine in Nevada they so covet? Immunity from prosecution? Then there’s the practical difficulty of gift wrapping the U.S. Congress." – The Best Democracy Money Can Buy," Greg Palast

– Horrible endings:

* Maytag

* Eagles

* W.D.s

* Railroad Daze

* The Parts House

* The Armory

* Days Inn

– Nearing a horrible end:

* Gates

* Butlers

* Cottage

* The Mall

– New Beginnings:

* Dairy Queen

* Kerasotes Theaters

* Innkeepers

* Hayden Chiropractic

* Advance Auto Parts

* O’Reilly Auto Parts

* F&M branch Bank

– Back to the future:

* The Thunderbird

* Soup lines

* Harley Earl

* A full-time mayor

* Street protests

* Brick streets

* Cool

– The U.S. vetoes a U.N. resolution against the idea of Israel extracting Yasser Arafat from Palestine. Now let’s review: Arafat is the democratically elected president of Palestine. And we don’t mind if a foreign power removes him? In Bushworld, anything makes sense, even a very dangerous Flub like this.

– The World Trade Organization (WTO) goes down in defeat, again: From Seattle, Washington, to Cancun, Mexico, the poor nations of the world continue to resist the rich ones. The meeting in Cancun falls apart with no agreements reached as to how the rich countries of the world are going to make money off the poor ones. The message is, "Our world is not for sale, just to keep you satisfied. You say you’ll bring us health and wealth, well, we know that you just lied." Those poor, undeveloped people seem very perceptive. I wish I had been there. I’d have danced with them.

– The government is upset that people are buying their drugs from Canada at extraordinary lower prices than here in the U.S. Now how is it that anyone could be upset with that? Isn’t that the American way? I thought competition was good? Doesn’t capitalism drive products to their lowest price? I always thought the lowest price was best? Apparently not when it takes billions of dollars out of the pharmaceutical industry. Remember, they give millions of dollars to politicians. So in this particular case, it’s best to buy American and pay a lot. After all, there are exceptions to every rule.