You'd better start paying attention


– Bumper sticker of the week: Against abortion? Don't have one.

– Quote of the week: "Don't you think we made the right choice for the next Vice-President? What a beautiful family. " John McCain

Circle yes or no:

• Do you think drilling in every comer of the United States will make us any less dependent on oil?  Y    N

• Do you think God ordains the war in Iraq and wishes the United States to win?  Y    N

• Do you believe the creation story is factual and should be taught as such to our children in school?  Y    N

• Do you think we should remain in Iraq for an indefinite period of time?  Y    N

• Do you think English should be made America's official language?  Y    N

• Do you think "abstinence" should be the only thing taught in school as a way to avoid pregnancy?  Y    N

• Do you think the International Criminal Court and the United Nations are bad for the United States and should not be supported?  Y    N

• Do you think social security should be privatized?  Y    N

• Would you like to see a right-wing Supreme Court?  Y    N

• Do you think our health-care system just needs a little tweaking and it will be fine?  Y    N

• Should federal funding for universities be tied into making it a requirement that they have ROTC programs?  Y    N

If you answered yes to a lot of these questions, I hope you don't vote. If you just have to, you'll want to chose the Republican Party. This pretty much summarizes their party platform.

– I hear tell Sarah Palin is a "reformer." That is the new Republican buzzword for her and McCain. I don't have trouble with them being reformers. I have trouble with what it is they want to reform. The Supreme Court, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights seem to be included in their reformation.

– The Register-Mail calls McCain a "rebel." If that wasn't so pathetic, it would be funny. He's been in Washington since 1982 and not a thing has changed. And he, as much as anyone, is to blame. To top it off, he has voted with Bush over 90% of the time over the last eight years. He wants to reform not only Washington, but his own party. They both could use it, but I can hardly believe he and Plain will be the ones to do it. He's no more a maverick intent on changing Washington than I am a Republican intent on voting for him. Both are 100% unlikely to occur.

– The old man said to me:

• When you think you understand the "truth," start over.

• Don't let everyday problems take you down. That's what tomorrow is for.

• Listen. Look around. You're talking way too much and doing way too little.

• God is a good idea. But if it's a crutch you want, go to the hospital.

• Human beings are all the same. Forget color, ability, language, disability, faith, clothes, ethnic origin, sexual orientation. We all have to sit on the pot the same way when nature calls. We all have to figure out what to do next.

• Make sure the treasure you seek is the treasure you need.

• If you waste a lot of time, you'll run out.

• On the other hand, the old man said, don't get too excited. What happens happens. Don't take it personal.

– Capitalism, for the most part, only cares about profit and growth. It cares little about the environment and less about you. Tiny acts of responsibility will not stop this freight train from arriving at its destination: World domination. American global companies are larger and more powerful than many counties. Wal-Mart has as sophisticated a spy system in their stores as any that exist in the world. Exxon-Mobil has a security system and personnel that would rival many a country’s military operations. What will stop them from one day waging war on any country that questions their presence? Or motives? Or amount of profit they take? These things should scare you, assuming you're paying attention. If you're not, you'd better start.