The Peever Goes to Peever

-- Bumper sticker of the week: A nation that destroys its soil destroys itself.--

Quote of the week: ''One of my goals as an alchemist is to change right into left.'' The Peever. com, Bruce H. Weik.--

I got to quit going downtown: I go downtown and I burst into uncontrollable laughter. What a joke on the taxpayers of Galesburg. This remodeling project is something I could do, which is real scary. If the city fathers and mothers pay for this fiasco, they should be buried in the cement, but as poor a quality as it is, they'd probably be able to escape. Chalk one up for the city: Yet another zero.--

This is not a time we should be waging war. This is a time we should be waging peace.--

How to succeed in business without really trying:

­­Be the CEO.

­­Incorporate in Bermuda.

­­Take a course in cooking the books.

­­Hang around with Dick Cheney and W. George.

­­Donate a lot of money to the Republican and Democratic parties.

­­Locate your business in an Enterprise Zone or TIF District.

­­Look for investors with a lot of money who are really greedy.

­­Retire, write a book, and go on the lecture circuit.

­­Sell drugs.--

Speaking of drugs: Doctors should be monitored for the number of prescriptions they write, the illnesses they most write them for, and how long they renew certain prescriptions. It would also be useful for the public to see what the doctor gets from the pharmaceutical company in the way of incentives to use their drugs, and any financial interests a doctor may have in a pharmacy or pharmaceutical company. While these things would make life a bit more difficult for doctors, it would help to differentiate them from other drug dealers.--

A lot of people want things nowadays. They don't necessarily need them, or plan on earning them, they just want them. They steal, sell drugs, run up credit card debt, all in a frantic effort to satisfy this insatiable desire for wanting. Taken to a higher level, CEO's cook their books, cheat their employees, steal from their retirement funds, do just about anything to keep their gravy train afloat. When you take a close look at this wanting addiction, all you see is a life filled with illusions. Nothing is real. Nothing real is happening. It doesn't add to much more than a market plan life thought up by some suit or short skirt in a high rise office complex in hell.--

I didn't celebrate 9/11. I didn't much feel like it. It didn't seem right.--

The Peever goes to Peever: My wife and I made a quick trip to Peever, South Dakota, to shoot some photos for my upcoming book, ThePeevercom. Quite a place. Population: 260. Peever has definitely seen its better days. The only viable businesses in town appeared to be a cafe and a liquor store. We had a hamburger in the cafe and met the owner. She was very nice and helpful. She also sold us some Peever Centennial T-shirts. The Eastern side of South Dakota is not a heavily populated area. I can't imagine the winters. I can barely imagine the summers. Anyway, we had a nice three-day trip. We only got into one argument, which is really good. My wife wanted to go into North Dakota, only about a 20 mile drive from Peever, but she never did very well articulate why. And I was driving at the time, which helped to uphold my veto. We won $180 at a casino in Flandreau, S.D. and we stopped by Pipestone National Monument, in Pipestone, Minn. This is a quarry where Native Americans have mined Pipestone, or Catlinite, for hundreds of years. Being a soft stone, they use the Pipestone to fashion pipe bowls. I used some of our winnings from the Indian reservation casino to buy some Pipestone, perpetuating the ongoing twisted tale of the white man's exploitation of Native Americans.

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