Leave It To Peever

­­ Bumper sticker of the week: The lunatic fringe begins here.

­­ Quote of the week: Ways to take back your life: Volunteer, ask questions, go to a coffee shop, take a class, draw a picture, keep a journal, start a garden, go to a concert, walk with a friend, read a book, turn off the TV, help a neighbor, work less, play more, meditate, take a whole summer to travel, start discussion groups, do something to promote peace.

­­ Galesburg: Where they cut down the trees and then name streets after them.

­­ Sex in the 60s:--

Should I have sex on the first date?

Yes, sometimes before.--

How long does the average sex act last?

Anything over two minutes is good.--

Is not wearing a bra a legitimate act of protest?

I always thought so.--

Did everybody have sex and use drugs in the 60's?

No, I knew someone who didn't do either.

­­ The refund: The refund W. George sent us is not a refund on any taxes that we have already paid but allegedly an advance on our 2001 taxes. If you got back a $300 refund, and you are to get back $300 in 2002, my understanding is you will be even. If you have money coming back in 2002, say that same $300, guess what? I got this from a reliable source who prefers to remain anonymous. He doesn't want anyone to think he isn't supporting the President and his Texan accountants.

­­ Anyone who is buying this good vs. evil thing is spending too much time watching TV, or dropped out of school in the 5th grade.

­­ It's not good to pretend you don't need anybody.

­­ NAFTA and the WTO (World Trade Organization) are failures because they are corporate schemes to hold down costs, (particularly labor and environmental costs), at our expense.

­­ Ten reasons why I don't like war:

1. Nothing good ever comes of it.

2. People die.

3. It can end up being evil and bringing out the worst in people.

4. Terrorism is always involved.

5. If war involves terror, we should not engage in it.

6. It's negative and bad for everyone.

7. It relies on killing to win.

8. Fathers, mothers, sons and daughters die.

9. Children, friends, grandmothers and grandfathers die.

10. It fuels the Osama bin Laden hiding in all our hearts.

­­ It gets so cold here in winter:--

Lawyers sometimes put their hands in their own pockets.--

The number one winter greeting is, "I'm going to Florida next year."--

The biggest accomplishment of the day is getting your car started.--

When it warms up to 32 degrees, you get out a short-sleeved shirt.--

There are only two seasons: winter and road repair.

­­ John Ashcroft, U.S. Attorney General, is pushing Congress to authorize the government to be able to circumvent any number of laws in our effort to defeat terrorism. As our individual freedoms begin to disintegrate under his hawkish and right-wing philosophy, it becomes terrorists: 2, USA: 0.

Uploaded to The Zephyr Online October 2, 2001

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