Leave It To Peever

­­Bumper sticker of the week: If at first you don't succeed skydiving ain't for you.

­­Quote of the week: ''You fall in love with an improbable idea, and in an eye blink everything you knew or believed is gone. In light of this tremendous circumstance, who you were yesterday bears little resemblance to who you are becoming.''

''You wake up in the morning consumed by an urge to get on with it. What ''it'' is, you do not know, but it is barking at your heels like the hound of heaven. Something unknown is calling you, and you know you will cross continents, oceans, realities even, to discover it.''

''You are seized by concern about the disparities of the time, the widening gap between rich and poor, private affluence and public squalor. More over, you can't shake the conviction that you personally must do something to redress these wrongs.''

''Words leap off pages of books. Synchronicities abound. The universe is trying to tell you something and you can no longer ignore its message.'' ''Jump Time.'' --Jean Houston

­­I see Galesburg wants to get into the arrest young smokers game. I was hoping such stupidity would stay in Monmouth. Unfortunately, adults feel like they need to do something -- right or wrong making little difference. I continue to fail to see how arresting someone addicted to a substance is going to help them. It is only going to create additional layers of problems that is not going to help terminate the addiction. It would be wise for the City Council to ask for some professional advice from addiction counselors and prevention specialists. It would show a level of sophistication uncommon to most of the decisions they make.

­­I see the Jews and Arabs are at it again, this is a group of people that just don't like one another. Forgiveness is not high on either of their lists. Living in the past is a terrible thing. It makes living in the present very difficult.

­­Indigenous people discover Columbus on this day in 1492. What a break.

­­Tomorrow night is a full moon. It is called the return of the little cold moon. Please do not confuse the cold moon with shooting the moon.

­­Current Trends:--

Many people are simplifying their lives. While difficult, it is not impossible.--

People are going to begin eating better. There will be a growing demand for health food stores and restaurants.--

Gambling is going to slowly lose favor as people come to understand how badly they are being cheated.--

Fancy sneakers are out. Not only do they not make you a better athlete or person, they are worn at the expense of some third world child sewing them together for $2-3 dollars a day. --

The two party system is about to end. The difference between it and communism -- one additional choice.

­­It will be surprising to see gas prices come down. The big boys are getting used to the additional revenue.

­­Participatory democracy requires that you get off your butt and do something. It, first of all, means vote, although voting is but one part of the process. There are many ways to get involved. Help the candidate of your choice; volunteer for organizations that help others; keep informed; call politicians when you don't understand or agree with what they've done; ask questions; look for answers; call your neighbors together to discuss neighborhood problems. Democracy is a process, the result of ongoing action. It is not something that just is. It is ''you'' doing something for the common good.

­­I'd like to thank everyone for the cards, food, e-mail messages, calls, visits, flowers, and prayers. The year 2000 has been a trying one for the Weik Family. Things don't always go the way you would like. Obstacles sometimes get in the way. After coming ever so close to death, I would only say this: Thank you for your concern shown to me and Ann and the kids. It will be forever appreciated. I am glad to be alive among so many kind people.

Uploaded to The Zephyr Online October 10, 2000

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