Take me to rehab, for I have sinned.


— Bumper sticker of the week: Make art, not war.

— Quote of the week: ÒLove thy neighbor: Thy homeless neighbor, thy Muslim neighbor, thy gay neighbor, thy Christian neighbor, thy addicted neighbor, thy minority neighbor. But look with caution on thy white, Republican, fight-wing neighbor. TheyÕll screw you in a heartbeat.Ó The Peever

— How nuts are we?: The Republicans are making a big deal out of the Democrats being anti-war. The really crazy thing is, some of the Democrats take offense. This is not the first time this trick has been used by the war-mongers. When exactly did it become so great and patriotic to be pro-war? Who in their right mind would advocate killing and destruction to win an election? ItÕs bewildering at the least.

— You can fool fools almost 100% of the time.

— The city council can stop the trains from honking, but they wonÕt. But we can.

— Water rates up: I thought we were selling our water to neighboring communities so that our rates would not go up? I guess I was mistaken.

— Bush lied to Congress about the war. ThatÕs an impeachable offense.

— Election prognostications:

¥ Blagoyevich will win. He is an unusual type, and IÕm not so sure IÕd trust him with the family jewels, ,but heÕll beat Topinka by a fairly wide margin.

¥ Hare is an easy win over Zinga. ÒThe PaperÓ touted her endorsement by The Chamber, which is about as automatic as Friday following Thursday. SheÕs history.

¥ Reisinger over Sheehan. Even though it will be a big Democratic year, the district is too Republican.

¥ Moffitt in an easy win. HeÕs proven to be a pretty good Representative. I would have never thunk it, but heÕs got my vote.

¥ Davis will remain in the Treasurer's office. No contest.

¥ IÕve got Shipplett in a close win over Rehn. Again, mainly because of a big Democratic year. I donÕt know either one, but I understand they are both good guys, so I donÕt think we can lose either way.

¥ Harris will remain the Regional Superintendent. IÕve never seen a need for a Regional Superintendent, but if we got to have one, IÕm glad itÕs her.

¥ Thompson by a landslide. (This is commonly referred to as a ringer.)

¥ My crystal ball must be broke. I see both the House and the Senate going Democratic. I better take this thing in for a tune-up. But IÕm going to wait.

— Wal-Mart pulling off another fast one: They intend on capping wages, already pathetically low, hiring more part-timers, and working more employees on nights and weekends. Wal-Mart says itÕs to better serve their customers. READ MY LIPS: We donÕt want you screwing your employees in our name. Forget it! Pay them a decent wage, give them benefits, including health­care, and charge us more. If I were Target or K-Mart, I would do just that, and watch Wal-Mart wither on the vine. We should be out boycotting the new Super Wal-Mart already. WeÕre lazy.

— I never thought I would see the day when people make a beeline to alcohol rehab to help them cover-up behavior worse than alcoholism.

— ÒPolitics makes lies sound truthful and murder reasonable.Ó Tony Black Feather, Lakota elder

— ItÕs about time we all started to live like we were dying. Guess what?