Deja vu all over again


— Bumper sticker of the week: OK — I evolved, you didnÕt.

— Quote of the week: ÒKatrina and Rita came along just in time for the government to blame a tanking economy on them. IsnÕt that just like us males?Ó The Peever

— Positive peeverism of the week: The county and city should combine forces and hire one city-county manager. This would make eminent sense, which is precisely why itÕs not likely to happen. We need bold moves, not county flags or city stickers. The county board has trivialized itself into almost total nonexistence. The city council has been there for quite some time. A combined city-county manager might just be able to breathe some fresh air into these ailing dinosaurs.

— Let it be:

¥ Intelligent design is stupid. ItÕs called evolution.

¥ No one performed well after Katrina and Rita. ThereÕs no need to blame one another.

¥ The military should not be in charge of civilian agencies. I mean, letÕs face it. Can they even handle their own messes? LetÕs use abused prisoners and deadly attacks on civilians as but a small sampling of their incompetence.

¥ ÒIf you can find a better car, buy it.Ó Chrysler should have let it be. Toyota said, ÒWeÕre it.Ó

¥ The government cannot interfere with the right of citizens to peacefully assemble and protest. In a democracy, they have to let it be.

¥ While ÒLet It BeÓ was a great Beatles song, itÕs by-and-large a lousy philosophy. The status quo sings this tune on a regular basis, hoping we will all follow along in perfect harmony. Myself, IÕm not so sure. The rhythm never has quite seemed right.

— Washington bridges come tumbling down: Tom Delay, House majority leader, is twice indicted on criminal charges related to campaign finance irregularities. The day before his first charge, Senator Frist, Senate majority leader, was standing in front of the cameras declaring his innocence on allegations that he had insider knowledge concerning the sale of stock one day before it tanked. Frankly, I saw it as a great day. I wouldnÕt mind seeing these two guys removed from power. On the other hand, I feel bad for their mothers. How embarrassing it must be, to watch your son stand up in front of the American public and boldly, and without hesitation, lie. You can see it in their faces.

— Intelligent design: Clever! How unintelligent. Just another name for creationism. ItÕs one thing for a person to believe and interpret mythological stories literally. Who cares? If thatÕs what you want to believe, fine. But to want to teach it to all of our children is quite another story. I have always preferred to be straightforward with children, for better or worse. (I do have to admit, I pushed the Santa thing and the Easter bunny much harder than I ever should have.) With that admission, to knowingly dupe children is something I do not normally support. So leave us alone. Start your own schools. Teach what you want. To base oneÕs spiritual beliefs on such shallow ground is to deny oneself the possibility of enlightenment. This spiritual path leaves you with one foot in the Dark Ages, and the other in the insane asylum.

— Let the time alone: Here we go again. Man thinking he can best Mother Nature. Set the clock to whatever time you want and leave it alone.

— The 60Õs were a great time to grow up: I look back to the 60Õs and early 70Õs with a fondness that hasnÕt been matched since. We stood up and were counted. No, we didnÕt get all of it right, but we ended a senseless war and threw out a good-for-nothing President. Decades later and in a new century, itÕs time to once again end a senseless war and throw out a good-for-nothing President. Seems like deja vu all over again.