Dogs and the U.S. postal service


-Bumper sticker of the week: Socialism ain’t so scary.


Quote of the week: “Fascism is capitalism in decay.”  Lenin


“Fascism is capitalism plus murder.”  Upton Sinclair


-There are not so many birds at the feeder anymore. I suppose they flew south. They’re not stupid.


-We had a smack-up out on Seminary Speedway. A five car. Or maybe it was four. I offered to sell them insurance. They claimed you don’t need any on a speedway.


-If it wasn’t  for coffee, I’d go to bed every day at 4pm.


-Dogs: There are a lot of unruly dogs around town. Broken down to the most common denominator, this means there are a lot of people who are not responsible enough to own a dog. The same thing probably holds true for them being parents. Dogs are a reflection of their owners. Sure, there are some breeds that are more aggressive than others. But this can be handled with good training. Unfortunately, people buy a dog, put it in the back yard, and that is the end of it. They should not be dog owners. It is disrespectful of the dog and the neighborhood. Most often, the dog ends up paying. It is deemed “dangerous” and must be dealt with. With due respect, the owners should be deemed “irresponsible” and dealt with. This may mean opening a shelter for “irresponsible dog owners.” And it better be a pretty big place. And we should not be opposed to euthanasia as a way of disposing of them.


-Any Senator who voted against a government run single-payer health care plan should be hung out to dry. Each of them has  a government payer health care plan that guarantees them health care coverage, as well as their families. Why is such a socialist program good for them, but not for us? We should have a vote to see whether or not we should keep Congress or send them packing. I’m guessing about 20% would want to keep them, 50% would send them packing, and 30% wouldn’t give a shit one way or the other.


-I saw the National Chamber of Commerce is against a single payer healthcare system. They claim it is a taxpayer ripoff. The one thing that would give the average taxpayer something for their money, they are against. I didn’t hear anything out of them when we gave money to rich bankers. Nor did they utter a whimper on bailing out the auto industry. The Chamber has a long history of supporting Republican ideology, which has a long history of supporting big business and claiming that government intervention is not necessary when it comes to capitalism. Of late it has turned to right-wing Republicanism. My advice to Chamber members: If you are not supportive of right-wing ideology, dump them like a bucket of slop. They’re wasting your money over irreconcilable differences.



-All that talk: Political speeches are always too long, as are most sermons. If you can’t say what you got to say in ten minutes, it’s best not to say it. You’ll lose the interest of the crowd, whose brains generally can’t handle any more than ten minutes of input. They should place a trap door beneath the podium that opens up automatically for any speech going more than ten minutes. The speaker would fall into a dungeon below, where he or she must remain until they learn how to listen more and talk less. I bet there would be a lot more nine minute speeches.


-Just once I’d like to be able to use up a roll of stamps before they raise the price. I hardly mail anything anymore. I use e-mail to do most of my communicating. Now the computer geniuses are learning how to put junk mail on your e-mail, which is sure to put the U.S. postal service out of business.