Leave It To Peever

­­ Bumper sticker of the week: I just got lost in thought. It was unfamiliar territory.

­­ Quote of the week: ''RememberŠ. There is a deeper strength and an amazing abundance of peace available to you. Draw from this well; call on you faith to uphold you. You will make it through this time and find joy in life again.

Life continues around us, even when our troubles seem to stop time. There is good in life everyday. Take a few minutes to distract yourself from your concerns -- long enough to draw strength from a tree or to find pleasure in a bird's song.

Return a smile; realize that life is a series of levels, cycles of ups and downs -- some easy, some challenging. Through it all, we learn; we grow strong in faith; we mature in understanding. The difficult times are often the best teachers, and there is good to be found in all situations. Reach for the good, be strong, and don't give up.'' Pamela Owens Renfro

­­ Revival in Peoria. Rev. John Glen. He lists some of the terrible sins he is fighting: Divorce and remarriage, lusting, mixed bathing, women wearing shorts, make-up, certain TV programs, mini skirts, rock music. Oh brother. I'd like to see the sorry group of people who show up for such nonsense. Mr. Glen indicated The Holy Ghost had this to say about television: Move them out. I assume this is a more modern Holy Ghost than the one that I think about, who arrived much earlier than the television set. These kinds of jokers give the ministry a bad name. This is one of the reasons that clergy support ranked low in a recent survey when people are dying. Using my own recent brush with death, I would not care to listen to some biased, short-sighted minister describe to me how I needed to be a Christian to enter God's Kingdom, and how I should seek reentrance for my mistakes. God surely understands that being human, I'm going to falter. I'm not about to dwell on the negative in my last moments. I believe there are many roads that lead to the Great Spirit, and I would have no patience being condemned for the one I took. P.S. -- This is not to say there are not any good ministers. I know several.

­­ The campaign season is getting a little old. I get tired of listening to all the promises and pledges. Seldom is there much thought or detail that accompanies any of their brilliant ideas. Usually they talk more about the negative of the other candidate rather then their own positives. The whole thing gets pretty disgusting. Its no wonder people get turned off and don't want to vote. Tens of millions of dollars are wasted. A person can only tolerate so much baloney. It is years past time for serious campaign reform. In fact, time is about out.

­­ Thing you should try to avoid:

­­ High on my list is hospitals.

­­ Don't get in any discussions about politics, religion, or same-sex marriages.

­­ Don't, under any circumstances, over use a credit card. They will get the hook in you and not let you go. It doesn't hurt to want, but it does hurt to have to pay for it.

­­ Stay away from churches that claim their way is the only way. One would wonder how they can be so certain?

­­ Don't use any of the title credit companies. Their intention is not to help you. It is to take you to the cleaners.

­­ Never, ever, allow anyone wearing a white long-sleeve shirt in 90-degree weather to enter your home.

­­ Finally, avoid mirrors if you have any reason to think you might be a vampire.

­­ Watching politicians campaign is a lot like sitting around a playground observing children playing. There is usually a lot of make-believe going on.

­­ The city council once again finds itself struggling to make decisions. In the spirit of cooperation and corroboration, here are a few suggestions:

­­ Remodel the pavilion so that the largest number of people can use it for youth dances, senior dances, cards, checkers, sitting and reading, watching a sunset.

­­ Remodel the existing firehouse. Take out the tennis courts, if necessary. Response time is plenty good from there.

­­ Stop Illinois Power from cutting all the trees in half. The town looks ridiculous. And make them bury the lines on Henderson Street.

­­ Develop a no-toot ordinance from 11pm-7am. This council has a hard time with decisions and exerting its power. We need people who are willing to make a difference, not maintain the status quo.

Uploaded to The Zephyr Online October 18, 2000

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