A Washington enema


— Bumper sticker of the week: For every action, there is an equal and opposite criticism.

— Washington, D.C. spells misery: ItÕs been so long since IÕve heard anything good come out of Washington that IÕve pretty much lost all hope. HereÕs how IÕd fix it:

¥ Ten year term limit. Period. You got ten years to do your thing. You better get it right.

¥ No one person, company, organization, etc. can give any politician, or anything remotely connected to a politician, more than $1000 per year. Period.

¥ If you are caught cheating the public, screwing the public (both literally and figuratively),

violating any laws short of jay-walking, or otherwise acting like an idiot, you're out. No retirement. This is the Òone strike your outÓ law. They should recognize it.

¥ If you start on ÒPage 1Ó youÕre done.

¥ If donÕt at least try, during your first year, to fulfill your campaign promises, youÕre done.

¥ If the President of the United States blatantly lies to the American public about matters of national security, we have a right to recall him or her.

¥ Any politician standing in the way of our right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness is liable for the damage he or she does.

This is The Peever's ÒLaws of Being in the Public Service.Ó I realize they are harsh, but the situation is grave, and our need for hard–working, honest, trusting leadership is at a crisis point. It is time we demand more from our elected officials. After all, we are their bosses. We invented them. The time is now, the hour is short. IÕm personally tired of listening to the bull. We need dramatic changes.

—Galesburg council gone nuts: Speaking of time running out. A 14% increase in real estate taxes? That sounds like it spells revolution to me. The council should laugh at such a suggestion by the city manager. They should tell him to go back and cut staff or salaries. Then fire him for such a stupid suggestion. Remember, he doesnÕt run the city, you do. At least in theory.

— Front porch blues: I swear the ambulance sirens are getting louder and louder. They actually hurt my ears. You get to feeling bad belly-aching about loud sirens when you know theyÕre headed to save someoneÕs life. Makes you feel down-right bad, but isnÕt about to stop me from bitching. Turn the damn things down a little, before weÕre all deaf.

— U.S. after Cuba. Still. In a continuing bit of political stupidity, America is pushing to tighten the embargo on Cuba. This is more Cheney and Rove bull. They obviously see a couple votes in Miami. It hasnÕt worked in 40 years. It only helps to make life miserable for children, the elderly, and the sick. The U.S. is real good at doing that, making life miserable for people around the world. ThatÕs why weÕre so beloved.

— North Korea says, ÒScrew you.Ó LetÕs see: We donÕt want the crazy leaders of North Korea or Iran to have nuclear weapons, but the crazy leaders in the rest of the world can. That deduction wouldnÕt get you through Logic 101.

— McCain blames the Clintons: Even John McCain is into blaming the Clintons for everything. He continues to remove himself from common-sense and lean more and more toward the right. Pretty soon heÕs going to look like a stroke victim. HeÕs moving himself right out of presidential contention. I hope.

— So far, 654,000 deaths in Iraq. Just exactly how long is this crime going to go on?

— Rice says U.S. will not invade North Korea. What would we invade them with?

— Anyone who continues to be supportive of George W. and his band of merry henchmen needs a psychiatric exam. Call 344-4222.