I want to be relevance


— Bumper sticker ofthe week: The world is full of apathy, but I don’t care.

— Quotes of the week:“The past is really almost as much a work of the imagination as the future.”Jessamyn West

“People get the historythey deserve.” Charles de Gaulle

— Privatization is abad idea: Admittedly, the government has a bad record for running businessventures. But as fate would have it, private business is worse. People have away of cheating one another. In a capitalist society, we call it profit, todisguise the theft. You deserve a return on your investment. Seems reasonable,until that return gets out of hand, and the safety and well being of the publicgets undermined and trivialized. To quote Marx, “Capital is reckless of thehealth and length of life of the laborer, unless under compulsion fromsociety.” Government regulations are necessary in a democracy. Business isruthless and uncontrollable. It always has been.

— Latest approvalrating of Bush: 24%

— The country is inworse shape than it was before his presidency: 66%

— Those that approveof his handling of Iraq: 29%

— Those that approveof his handling of the economy: 28%

The worst president in ourhistory is going out like a true chump. He will end up with the worst approvalrating of all time. Clinton went out with an approval rating of 66%. The moralof the story: Bush needs a blow job.

— Bonus bumpersticker: Impeach Bush/Torture Cheney. (Cruel, but theoretically possible.)

— Imagine:

•everyone having a place to live.

•no one going to bed hungry at night.

•getting adequate health-care when you need it.

•a Department of Peace.

•a college education being free.

•that we placed environmental concerns ahead of profit.

•a fast rail train system between all our major cities.

•no laws or policies being passed by Congress without first giving considerationto how they would effect the next seven generations.

•no single individual or family being about to accumulate more than 25 milliondollars of wealth.

•being able to retire after 25 years of work.

Someone imagined going tothe moon. Someone imagined a device that could store unlimited data andimmediately feed it back. Someone imagined a defective human heart could berepaired or replaced. Someone imagined a cure for polio. Someone imagined wecould fly like birds. We no longer have to imagine those things. So thequestion becomes: Why not the above list? Imagine that.

— President Bush islooking to remain relevant as a lame-duck president. I got some real bad newsfor him. He wasn’t relevant when he was involved with the Texas Rangers (he wasthe managing partner after putting up only 1% of the cost, but he did get thetaxpayers to build Arlington Stadium for the Rangers), or when he was in oil(Arbusto, and Spectrum 7 Energy Corp., both bought out by his daddy’s richbuddies before going bust), or when he was Governor of Texas (he presided over143 executions, the most ever in our history by a governor, drove theeducational system into the ground, and helped Texas become the most pollutedstate in the union), or when he landed on that aircraft carrier pretending tobe a soldier. So I ain’t quite sure how he intends on becoming relevant now. Hehas taken us on a trip down mediocrity lane, which has apparently been a lifejourney for him. Hail to the Chief.