Channel 7: The Outer Limits


-Bumper sticker of the week: The face of the enemy frightens me only when I see how much it resembles mine.


-Quote of the week: ÒWe have to face the fact that either all of us are going to die together or we are going to learn to live together, and if we are to live together we have to talk.Ó       Eleanor Roosevelt


-I ainÕt too sure how Cheney can have an irregular heartbeat? I ainÕt too sure Cheney has a heart.


- The city council: I watched a city council meeting the other night. I hardly ever make that mistake. Now I understand why weÕre in the shape we are. I thought I tuned into a rerun of ÒThe Outer Limits.Ó They talked about reviewing the contracts on the land GREDA has been cash renting (the logistics park), after having lost us thousands of dollars. It was described as an oversight by one of the GREDA board members. IÕd like to see someone in his agency make a   thousands of dollars mistake and pawn it off as an oversight. TheyÕd be canned before sunrise. IÕm sure the same would go for the mayors business. No talk on how the price of the land got so high in the first place.  No talk on how much the commission on the sale of the land was, which a GREDA board member took. It was described as Òa little bit.Ó I like the technical terms the city manager uses. Apparently all the city council members understood. Not one question concerning what Òa little bitÓ might be. Next came raises. The first question was how much the city treasurer is making? Apparently the wrong amount. Oh well, what the hell. All raises were turned down, including the aldermanÕs and mayor. Not to leave well enough alone, they all had to explain that everyone was doing an excellent job, which I assume discounts the above problems, but sorry, no raises. The whole thing left me with a sense of disappointment. ItÕs like a soap opera where the plot never changes.  ItÕs always just more of the same. Pucker up and ass kissing. Never any chewing.

p.s. I see Wayne Allen and Ken Goad are against giving GREDA any further donations. They still need two others, which I doubt they can find. No one else has the nerve, or the cojones.  And the Knox County board is folding like an accordion. Here we go again.


-ItÕs time for election prognostications:

     * U.S. Senator Dick Durbin will win big. HeÕs a hard worker and has a pretty good head. While I do occasionally disagree with him, heÕs the right guy at the right time. Remember, he was the first person to suggest, outside of myself, that Obama should run for the Presidency. HeÕll be rewarded. I wonÕt.

     * I got Mangieri. Way too many Democrats. Standard will do ok, but bad timing.

     * Knox County Sheriff: Clague will win. He is highly qualified and has been doing a good job. A good job as sheriff means you donÕt see your name in the paper. As long as he keeps it that way, he will be sheriff as long as he wants.

     * States Attorney: Despite his controversial start, Pepmeyer will win, IÕm almost sure of it.

     * Mark Thomas will win the Coroners position. Its always been a thankless position, with little pay. Should be rewarded with more pay and a car to pick up dead bodies. But donÕt hold your breath.

     * Paula Monzo will win the Recorder position. This will be a pick-up for the Democrats. This position should be eliminated in the computer age, but you know how government works.

     * I got Cheesman as Circuit Clerk. A shoo-in.

     * Don Moffitt will win State Representative, another sure bet. He has done a good job, but is past the Peevers ten year limit. He is finishing his 16th year. Time to retire or try something else.

     * And last, but not least, I got Barack Obama as President of the United States. It will be a landslide, by modern day standards. At least 6 percentage points. Over a million votes.(I donÕt count the electoral college). I didnÕt think I would see it in my lifetime. A black president. Bush will go out the least popular president of all time, and Obama will come in the most popular. Be sure to vote. As you might be well aware, anything can happen, and usually does. They are setting up a potential steal by claiming there could be a ÒBradley effectÓ. That last minute decision, no, I ainÕt going to vote for a black. Anyone changes their mind when theyÕre in the voting booth, they should have stayed home. As Stalin so vividly put it, ÒItÕs not who votes. ItÕs who counts the votes.Ó Not this time!

It will be a big Democratic year. It will be fun watching the right-wingers pee their britches. Oh happy days.