-- Bumper sticker of the week: Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.

-- Quote of the week: ''Anyone who thinks the corporate owned media in this country is biased towards liberal causes is blind, deaf, and as dumb as a right-winged warrior.'' ThePeever.com, Bruce Weik--

Answering the e-mail:

­­ Dear Peever: What do you think about Maytag leaving town? Carl

Dear Carl: What's new? This is big business at its best. If anyone makes the mistake of thinking that these companies are worried about us, the community, or you, the employee, you must be about as naive as Mary Poppins.

­­ Dear Mr. Weik: Get out of Galesburg. It's a shitty town. Susan

Dear Susan: Galesburg is certainly not one of the more progressive towns in the union. It longs for the days of yesteryear, while it strangles itself in ineptness. The ''good old boy'' syndrome has been hard to shake off. That's where I come in. One of my life goals is to expose selfish foolishness.

­­ Dear Mr. Peever: What do you think about Rev. Barclay and his Republican theology? Christian

Dear Christian: Not much.

­­ Dear Peever: Any thoughts on the future of Galesburg? Bob

Dear Bob: We need to set off a ''bomb of enlightenment,'' although this may be illegal, particularly in Galesburg.

­­ Dear Peever Sir: What do you think about the sniper out East? Carol

Dear Carol: Your first thought is, thank God he's out East. Apparently they have caught him, actually them. But they're all over. Terror resides everywhere. It is terrible to have lives end so randomly. It unravels our sense of security to see how vulnerable we really are. Fear becomes our greatest enemy. Our impermanence is hard to accept, but a fact we can't get away from.

­­ Dear Bruce: Do you believe both hospitals can survive in Galesburg, given our current economic down-turn? Hope

Dear Hope: No. Cottage doesn't have a prayer. The Third Order has better connections, here on Earth and otherwise.

­­ Dear Peever: What do you think will happen to downtown Galesburg now that it is newly decorated and Seminary Street getting bricked? Lynn

Dear Lynn: Nothing, short of all of us being a bit poorer.

­­ Dear Mr. Weik: Why don't you like Bush? Robin

Dear Robin: I prefer Heineken. Sometimes Margarita.

­­ Dear Bruce Weik: What do you think about the upcoming election? Steve

Dear Steve: I have declared it National Clowning Day, not to be confused with National Cloning Day. Watching all the negative ads on TV, I think I did good. What a sorry group of nitwits. I feel good not being in this election. It should be an embarrassment to everyone.

­­ Dear Bruce: What do you think about the right-winged Christians who constantly send letters to The Zephyr? Larry

Dear Larry: They're lucky I'm not the editor.

­­ Dear Peever: Have you seen Michael Moore's film documentary, Bowling for Columbine? Charlton

Dear Charlton: I can't help noticing your name is the same as the NRA president. Surely you're not Moses? Anyway, no, I haven't seen it yet. It had the biggest opening weekend ever for a documentary film. My son saw it in Chicago. He said it was great. Of course, he doesn't like guns. He said the crowd stood and clapped at the end, which he had never seen done at a movie. I don't imagine it will be coming to Galesburg. Our local theaters don't seem to be among the avant garde. I doubt they would want to take a chance offending NRA members, whose number is a pitifully mere four million members, making them a serious minority. I usually side with minorities, but in this case I think we should let 'em have it with both barrels, so to speak.

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