Swedoughs closed. Oh Crap!


-Bumper sticker of the week: If you donÕt stand for something, youÕll fall for anything.


-Quotes of the week: ÒWhen a manÕs best friend is his dog, that dog has a problem.Ó Ed Abbey


ÒAnimals have two functions in todayÕs society: to be delicious and to fit well.Ó  Greg Proops


-Speaking of animals: We have always thought we are the kings of the forest. The rest of creation should bow down before us. WeÕre smart, imaginative, and donÕt operate out of sheer instinct. We have the capacity to reason and think. So we thought up wars, revenge, pollution, and political talk shows. We have invented guns, bombs, weapons of mass destruction, and Republican national conventions. Ask a dolphin who is smarter.


-Five things Knox County Board members need to do:

     1. Not run for re-election.

     2. They should all sign the cast on Alan Pickrels arm from the twisting he got for badmouthing GREDA.

     3.  Do they know the meaning of going backward? Backpedaling? Not keeping up? The Dark Ages?

     4. How about a term limit, of, letÕs say, two or three days?

     5. Refer to number one.


-Shaky economy: ItÕs about time to get nervous. The mortgage industry has gone up in a puff of false hope. The war in Iraq is projected to cost somewhere in the neighborhood of two trillion dollars in stupidity. And gold is soaring. Now for the bad news: Swedoughs closed. The end is near.


-Gimme some truth:

     * The war in Iraq is illegal. Bush and his merry band of criminals should all be tried for war crimes.

     * What good does it do to attempt to talk businesses into coming to Galesburg when everyone is leaving? Our 2010 population will come in at around 28,548, which will include 2,000 prisoners at Henry Hill. That will be the fourth decade of continuous population decline. A stunning endorsement for our economic development people.

     * Education is more than memorizing answers to standardized tests.

     * If we export all our jobs, and import all our goods, just exactly how long will it take for us to become a third world nation?

     * Giving until it hurts is charity. Taking until youÕre full is greed.

     * Dying is easy. Living is hard.

     * It is going to cost each American citizen, thatÕs 300 million of us, $8,000 for the Iraqi War. IÕd sooner give my $8,000 to charity.


-We have approximately 150,000 troops in Iraq. All the money, machinery, diplomacy, all the political bullshit, doesnÕt measure up to the misery and despair those people have been put through, for no apparent good reason. When you make the sacrifice they are having to make, one would hope it would be for more than the folly of several men bent on ruling the world. But I canÕt see it any other way. Started on a lie, and continues on false information.  I am convinced this is an oil war. If just oil were being spilled, it wouldnÕt be so sad.


-We have a short memory: It wasnÕt all that long ago, our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents were immigrants. Everyone for the most part came here looking for a better life. The newness of us all is barely wiped off our foreheads. How we despise those that do so. It would be nice if they got here legally, but for Mexico, we hardly let anyone in legally. With no decent system in place, they flow over the border, most hired by BushÕs friends and party affiliates. I suppose our grandparents were lucky the Native Americans didnÕt build a wall along the coast. WeÕd all still be living on ships. Ships of Fools.