— Bumper sticker of the week: Jan. 20, 2009 — The end of an error.

— Quote of the week: ÒIt was reported this week that a $20 million provision has been placed in the military–spending bill to pay for a party celebrating AmericaÕs victory in Iraq and Afghanistan. So save the date: Feb. 8, 3046.Ó Amy Poehler

— Sleazy campaigning: What a bunch of morons. Politicians love to smear the other guy or gal, but seldom tell us what it is they intend on doing. ItÕs a coward that has to point out the weaknesses in his opponent to make himself look better. The object should be to beat the opponent without diminishing your own integrity, maintaining a civil, respectable, and honorable position at all times. Few politicians are capable of this today. They all have gone to the Karl Rove school of political incorrectness. This is the Òwin at all costsÓ attitude. While seemingly effective, it is dehumanizing, destructive, and in the end, self-defeating. The universe will conspire against you when you operate from the negative.

— The fine art of weapons negotiations: YouÕll never guess who sold Iran nuclear reactors? Remember the Shah of Iran? He was once a friend of the U.S. of A.

— If I were in charge of any Democratic campaign for the House or Senate, or for the Presidency in 2008, the only ad I would use is the one with Bush landing on that aircraft carrier, proclaiming victory in Iraq. It was the epiphany of his administration: The moment all the arrogance, stupidity, and unfulfilled fantasies came strikingly to the forefront. It was typically Republican.

— Some ÒingsÓ are better than others:

¥ Fishing far exceeds mowing.

¥ Golfing is a whole lot better than painting.

¥ Camping has it all over plumbing.

¥ Hiking is healthier than talking.

¥ Canoeing beats fixing.

¥ Politicking is easier than thinking.

¥ Negotiating is better than shooting.

¥ Living beats the hell out of dying.

— Some peeverisms:

¥ Never ask why unless you canÕt think of anything else to say.

¥ DonÕt ever take a loaded gun for granted.

¥ If itÕs over 50 steps, better to drive.

¥ Never buy a used car from a used car salesman.

¥ If the sun is out and itÕs at least 45 degrees, tee it up.

¥ Never marry someone you havenÕt seen naked.

¥ In the scheme of things, the only thing more important than work is everything.

¥ DonÕt turn your back on a politician or a gay midget.

¥ The best places to live are always the most expensive. And filled with Republicans.

¥ By the time you figure out how it works, itÕs outdated.

¥ DonÕt buy it if someone tries to tell you they know Òthe truth.Ó

¥ Never accept candy from a Mormon.

¥ Always remember, it is far easier to bitch than it is to try and understand.