Bumper sticker of the week: The face is familiar, but I can’t remember my name.

– T-shirt of the week: I saw this on a pretty blonde – Like what you see. Dial 1-800-you-wish.

– Terrorism: We cannot beat terrorism by waging war. War is the ultimate terror. Bush, Sharon, Putin, Blair, these guys were all drawn and quartered by the same ass. They think you can bomb and kill terrorists until there are no more. Their logic is so fundamentally flawed a kindergarten kid could see through it. So why do we support such nonsense. I think mainly because we’re scared. We’re scared of just about everything, including our own shadows. Attempting to kill people is better than talking. At least we can see the results, although it’s usually relatively grotesque. But so far, our something has proven to be worse than nothing. Terrorist acts rose dramatically around the world in 2003. And that doesn’t even count those that we waged! Recruiting for al Qaeda is said to be at an all-time high. Bin Laden was hoping Bush would win so that the hatred for us around the world would grow. Our treasury is bankrupt, but still we give money back to the rich in the form of tax breaks and corporate welfare. People continue to die by the thousands in an unjust war. And we sanction all this by putting our stamp of approval on Bush and his henchmen. God have mercy on us.

– The Peever hits 7 out of 8:

President: I missed this one. I underestimated how dumb people really are. We’re dumber than I ever expected.

• U.S. Senate: Obama by over 50 percentage points. Watch out for 2008, even if he says no now. This put me at one for two.

• U.S. Representative: Evans by over the 10% points I predicted. Zinga shouldn’t have talked, she’d have done better. Two for three.

• Illinois House: Moffitt by a wide margin. Like I said, it will take someone from Galesburg to beat him. 3 for 4.

• Circuit Clerk: Almost impossible to beat an incumbent, unless the person had tried to choke a judge. Then, I still would doubt it. 4-5.

County Recorder: This was a better race than I would have bet, but still a win for the incumbent. 5-6.

Knox County Coroner: The Peoria Journal Star had Hurd winning. I had to double check. It was Thomas. 6-7.

• I didn’t predict this one, but I was sure it would be Mangieri. 7-8.

• County clerk: I predicted this one would be tight, although I didn’t predict a winner. The incumbent is tough to beat. Congratulations to Erickson.

Final tally: 7-8, which isn’t bad. I would have sooner been 1-8, if that one had been the President. But the American people have spoken. I just don’t understand the language. With a record like this, I’m expecting Fox to call.

– My wife and I bought a new car with an on-board negotiator.

– I lost two bets this election, both on Kerry. I knew better to trust anyone from Boston after they beat the Cards. I’m thinking of moving to a foreign country. I bought a place in Arkansas.

– A big surprise this election was the Knox County Board going Democratic. I don’t think this has ever happened. We did have a Democratic chairman when I was on the board, but only due to a Republican crossing over. It’s hard to tell if this will make much difference. Here are some things I would like to see happen:

Stop supporting GREDA. Use the money to buy donuts for your meetings. This would help attendance and end up with the same results: nothing.

• Sell or lease the nursing home to someone who knows what they’re doing.

• Support a lawsuit against Maytag. Your letter asking for money is stupid. I already did that.

• After selling the nursing home, sunset the quarter cent sales tax.

• Sell Galesburg to the highest bidder and move the county seat to Rio. Or maybe Ontario.

• Lower the Board to ten, two from each district, and elect the Chairman at-large.