It's about time


– Bumper sticker of the week: If you think nobody cares, try missing a couple payments.

– Quote of the week: "First of all, I don't see America having problems." George W. Aug. 10

   "This thaw .... took a while to thaw, it's going to take a while to unthaw." George W., speaking about liquidity in the market. Oct. 20.

– Cry me a tear ($): Why is it that most doctors are Republican? Your first clue should be that they figure a Republican president will get them a better tax deal. After all, they don't want to lose a lot of that hard earned money they stole from us and insurance companies and give it to the government. Let the lower and middle classes pay for roads, bridges, sports stadiums. They need big houses and a Mercedes, and front seats in those sports stadiums. Probably the biggest reason they like to vote Republican is to keep at bay universal health-care, which would threaten to regulate the amount of money they could make. Oh Lord, would that be tough. And to think, now we have a Democratic president and a Democratic congress. Keep an eye out for those tears ($).

– On the Edge: My vision of life is not crystal and clean. Maybe I've seen too much, read too much. Maybe I've listened to too many stories of betrayal, violence, sexual misconduct. Even murder. Your innocence leaves and you're stuck with reality. Democracy is not pure; religions will not necessarily make you a better person; convictions come and go; governments will not protect you from the Wolf; promises of a better tomorrow are not worth much today. You get lied to, deceived, people take your money and give you a bill of goods as long as your arm. They tell you that you won't amount to a hill of beans, that you are from the wrong side of the tracks. You're the wrong color, the wrong sex, your arm is withered, your eyes can't see, that your job is low prestige or not at all. You see things others don't, you can't get out of the chair, you hear voices that others can't hear. You're dirt poor, living in a car, begging food at the local mission, ashamed to go to the emergency room again. Life is not crystal and clean. Your hands get dirty.

– I wish I was Superman. I'd save as many people as I could, but I doubt I could get around to everyone. Not even Superman could correct our callous behavior towards human life. Medical mistakes, wars, famine, hurricanes, drunken rages, murders, beatings, suicides, overdoses, earthquakes, bombings, car accidents, torture. Man, I'd be busy. If only I......

– The Past: We all got one. The Past that is. You have to make of it what you will. It's not so much how the past shapes you, as how it is you let it control you. In most of our lives, dark shadows linger right along with the happier times. The question becomes: What are you going to do with that past? The battle is to not let that question turn into: What is The Past going to do with me?

– Election results: Let's see, I missed a total of none. CNN called wanting an interview, but I declined. I don't think it's right to make money off this gift (short of a couple of bets). By modern day standards, a landslide. For Obama and most all Democrats. I had Obama by 5%. Obviously, I'm very happy with the results. McCain was just more of the same, which we definitely didn't need. Now the fun begins. What a mess Bush is handing Obama. We are screwed up in exactly every facet of our collective being. If I were Obama, on the first day I would undo any executive orders Bush has made over the last 8 years. On day two I would have Colin Powell begin to get us out of Iraq, in some kind of orderly fashion. On the third day I would order Health, Education, and Welfare to begin drawing up a universal health-care plan. Day four I would ask every leader of every country to come to Washington for a party. It's a new day. On the fifth day, I would warn every business owner in America that jobs are a commodity we need to keep in America, and that unrealistic profits are a thing of the past. Say hello to regulations. As for getting out of paying your fair share of taxes, cry me a river. Day six I would appoint five of America’s top educators to draw up a plan to get America back to number one in math, science, engineering, reading, and so forth and so on. Day seven I would look around and say: It's about time.