A bargain at any price.


-Bumper sticker of the week: IÕm a corporate executive-I keep things from happening.


-Quote of the week: ŌGod loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages.Ķ  Jacques Deal


-ItÕs a sick world. SomeoneÕs got to write about it:

     * Politicians in Washington are wondering if the nominee for U.S. Attorney General will disallow torturing of prisoners of war. Can you believe that? In the 21st century, that a question like that should even have to be asked, is a disgrace to mankind. ItÕs sick. When exactly was it that we re-entered the Dark Ages. IÕm guessing somewhere around January 21, 2001. At his inauguration, Bush promised us a nation of Ōjustice and Opportunity,Ķ Instead we got torture and unemployment.

     * Our health-care system is sinking faster than my retirement funds. I would have to say, all things being equal, that the medical field has failed us miserably. Hospitals were always non-profit, charitable institutions. Now we know why.

     * How do these mega-churches get away with being non-profit, religious organizations? The IRS is a useless agency that picks on the poor and middle class working man, but canÕt touch the rich and religious because they hire big-shot lawyers who find ways around their rules and regulations. The IRS appears to be no match for God, who apparently likes his representatives here on Earth to travel around in Rolls Royces and sit their butts on $25,000 toilets. Hey, itÕs good paying work, if you can get it. There are plenty of stooges looking for salvation by paying for it.

     * Citizens keep passing local referendums stating that we want marijuana to be used for medical purposes, and that marijuana use should not be given high enforcement priority. The state and federal governments keep superceding these decisions. They apparently are smarter than us, us actually being them. I got some bad news for them. TheyÕre as dumb as we are. We, being them.

     * While IÕm sitting at this railroad crossing writing the Peeves, I canÕt help but notice the fancy artwork on the box cars. Some of those people really have talent. My problem isnÕt that these artists draw on things that donÕt belong to them, but that I canÕt read any of it. Must be written in an ancient, inner city foreign language. I wish they would draw things that I could read. Something like, ŌImpeach Bush,Ķ or ŌTorture Cheney,Ķ or ŌGet Out of Iraq.Ķ Reading something useful like that, I wouldnÕt mind wasting ten minutes of my life every day waiting on BNSF to make record profits at my expense.


-Speaking of railroads: I read some editorials supporting trains honking their horns all the way through town. Interesting logic. When these people hear the horns, it reminds them of all the jobs BNSF supports in town. Using that same logic, the horns remind me of all the sleep I lose, or all the affairs BNSF employees have had over the years at the other end of the line. I particularly liked the person who uses the honking of the train horns as a wake-up call. Have you ever heard of alarm clocks? Invented in 1787, they are today quite cheap. Finally, the city has done something to quiet the horns. This should have been done 50 years ago, along with insisting on 3-4 overpasses, and perhaps some free alarm clocks.

-2007 is the deadliest yer for our soldiers in Iraq: And weÕre being told by President Bush and his bought and paid for 4-star generals that things are getting better. Yeah. For who?


-Pat Robertson endorses Giuliani. ThereÕs the kiss of death. And Giuliani looked happy about it.


-Former Illinois governor headed for prison: George Ryan is headed for federal prison in Wisconsin. This is a familiar headline for Illinois governors. At least this time itÕs a Republican.


-City leaders order more studies on our declining retail base. ThereÕs a wise use of our money. Let me help: Our population is going down, our sales taxes are going up, and there are hardly any retail outlets, limiting our choices. And a shopping trip to the Quad Cities or Peoria usually means we get to go to the riverboat. Galesburg is not going to win that battle. IÕm only going to charge you $20,000. And donÕt tell me the checks in the mail.