-- Bumper sticker of the week: A closed mouth gathers no foot.

-- Quote of the week: ''America's founders designed the Constitution of the United States to resist tyranny, whether by big government, powerful churches, or large corporations.... The succeeded, in part. But democracy remains an unfinished project. Democracy is not something we inherit. It is something every generation must re-create. Yes! A journal of positive futures.

-- Things to be thankful for:

­­ That the city council meets only twice a month.

­­ That you have a job.

­­ Be thankful if you have health insurance. 45 million Americans don't.

­­ Be thankful you're not a turkey.

­­ I'm thankful I don't live in Texas.

­­ I'm thankful for coffee.

­­ That main street is so well lit.

­­ Be thankful you're not in charge of the literacy program in Oquawka.--

How in the hell in a democracy can you have a secret court?--

How did corporations become persons?--

Ten ways to know that the world is coming to an end:

1.If everyone around you is dropping dead, you can be pretty sure there's trouble.

2.If you see a bunch of big mushroom clouds, it's probably not a good sign.

3.If you see everyone bent over, with their heads between their legs, kissing their butt goodbye, it's probably all over.

4.If W. George and Cheney are hiding in caves somewhere out East, you'd better duck.

5.If you hear Oral Roberts on television saying, ''I told you so,'' you better start writing your will. On second thought, forget the will, it won't be necessary.

6.A brighter than usual sunrise or sunset may not be a good sign.

7.If we get reports from the coasts that there are 1000 ft. waves on the ocean, you can bet something is terribly wrong.

8.If all the different religions start getting along, we might as well pack it in. The end is near.

9.If you're flying in a plane and the Earth vanishes, forget it.

10.If I buy a drink.--

Speaking of drinking: No drinking out at Bunker Links. Thank God. Some of those old gizzards are bad enough sober.--

I'm thinking of starting a TIF district in my back yard and an enterprise zone in the front. This should make me eligible to join the Chamber of Commerce.--

Bush sure wants to go to war awful bad. I wonder if his daughters are signed up?--

Community: Community is more than just a group of individuals living in close proximity. It is actually a group of individuals, paying taxes, who for the most part don't know one another, living in close proximity.--

A call goes out to Galesburg to become its best: Twenty years ago this same call went out, and we invited a prison into our community. Since that time, the incline headed down has steepened. Still, people are at a loss for words to explain why. The pillars of the community refuse to loosen their grip on it, in much the same way that a drowning person might put a death grip on a would be rescuer. Both end up being pulled down. People who could, and would, with encouragement, make valuable contributions, are being pulled down by the good old boys, who continue to exchange favors with one another in a desperate attempt to remain in control, and gain financially from said control. There are, however, some good signs that this is changing: The mayor is beginning to provide some leadership to the council, which is long overdue; some minorities are beginning to be elected to county-wide offices; some of our young people are beginning to speak out; more people are beginning to voice their opinion against the ''good old boy syndrome,'' which has plagued Galesburg since its inception; and many of the motives of the business community and Chamber are being seriously questioned. Yes, I believe the times, they are a changin'.

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