Tomorrow will be better


-Bumper sticker of the week: Lies are what the world lives on.


-Quote of the week: ŇThe Knox County board surfaced as a potential leader in our economic development, for all of about two weeks, mainly because they didnŐt meet during that time. In the end, they folded like an accordion. Out of 15 people, none of them have any idea of what we might do in place of GREDA. So they throw another $30,000 at the problem, pretending to at least do something.  In the end, not one of them could verbalize such a simple idea as: How about we do nothing? We would get exactly the same results as we are. And people wonder why we are in the shape weŐre in. ItŐs all a joke, unfortunately, on us.Ó The Peever, Going Down


-Fish is one of the best local providers of help for people who need a lift in these hard economic times. This holiday season remember to donate some food or money to help bring a little brighter holiday season for our neighbors who are struggling. Fish needs to expand their services. They need to provide continuing support to individuals and families, not just on an emergency basis. In Galesburg, food shortages are an ongoing issue. It is an ongoing emergency, which we, for the most part, have created. Citizens deserve our ongoing support.


-Speaking of emergencies: We need emergency leadership in the city and county. We keep electing mayors who are unwilling, or unable, to take a leadership position. Some are under the impression that our manager-mayor-alderman form of government is to blame. I think it is the people we elect. A mayor needs to have a vision for Galesburg, and convince four alderman (woman) to follow him or her. ItŐs as simple as that. A mayor who can lead and four alderman that can trust him or her. That ainŐt asking too much. As for the county, I would suggest a council of one, or merging with DuPage County. Either way, it would be an improvement.


-To continue to support the same economic development strategy that we have been using over the last 30 years shows a complete lack of imagination, creativity, commonsense, and/or sanity. It should be obvious as our population falls below 30,000; as unemployment hits at least 15%; and as businesses are closing faster than they are opening, that perhaps, just for the hell of it, we might want to try something different. That should not take a Ph.D. to figure out. So the question becomes: What should we do? And the answer is: Anything else.


-It is not enough to call oneself compassionate. ŇDo unto others as you would have them do unto you,Ó is not an armchair slogan meant for the faint of heart. It is the boiling down of all the great religions into an elixir for a better world. Treat one another like you would like to be treated is a call to action. It is the dirt out of which all goodness grows. If there is a hungry person, feed her. She doesnŐt need your sympathy or cute platitudes, she needs a meal. If a person is living on the street, in a car, or in some filthy or drug infested slum, he doesnŐt need your pity or pleasant scriptures, he needs a place to live. If I am killing my enemy and destroying his home and family, he doesnŐt need my explanations or a copy of my ideology, he needs me to quit. Preaching that the poor will get their reward in heaven is of little value to a person here on Earth who is burdened with injustice and oppression. It is a morally devoid position taken by irresponsible preachers. We have been called to respond compassionately to our fellow human beings, now. The calling has come to us. We are the chosen oneŐs. It is time for us to step forward. Now is the time. Promises of a better tomorrow are not worth much today.