-Bumper sticker of the week: Churches worship the prophet margin.


-Quote of the week: The Nicest Republican

                                The nice vote goes to Huckabee.

                                No other is as nice as he.

                                He leads a decent sort of life.

                                HeÕs married to his only wife.

                                His kids, weÕd bet, still speak to him.

                                HeÕs courteous, but isnÕt prim.

                                A cheerful fat man, he got lean,

                                HeÕs not vindictive, rude, or mean.

                                Of course, he thinks our ways been lost:

                                Abortion is a ŌholocaustĶ

                                And evolutions just a myth

                                (The apes are not his kin or kith)

                                And what the Bible says is true.

                                The EarthÕs not old. ItÕs rather new----

                                Six thousand year, from Eve to present.

                                HeÕs wacko, sure, but heÕs sure pleasant.

                                                          Calvin Trillin

                                                           Deadline Poet

(This message is approved by The Peever).


-Little tidbits of reality:

    * There was not then, and there is not now, weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. It was a Presidential lie.

    * People earning Wal-Mart wages tend to favor fashions at the Salvation Army.

    * Revenge is not a good replacement for forgiveness.

    * Never in the history of the world has killing people resulted in peace.

    * The rich always get richer at the expense of the poor. The sub-prime rate mortgage fiasco is but another example. Those mortgages could never be paid off, and the mortgage companies and banks knew it.

    * In any other country in the world, Bush and Cheney would have been removed from office by now, either by use of their constitution, or by revolution.

    * Speaking of revolution. There appears to be no other method available to remedy our problems. WhereÕs Gandhi when you need him?


-Bishops call on Catholics in America to vote anti-choice: Here we go. Pope Benedict is getting warmed up. Our Bishops are demanding that parishioners vote for a candidate in the 2008 Presidential election who is anti-choice. They say the wrong vote could get you condemned by God. Frankly, IÕd take my chance on God. These guys are leaning way to far to the right for me. It appears Opus Dei is exerting a lot of influence on Catholicdom. With 87,000 members worldwide, a reported 3,000 in the U.S., the organization remains shrouded in secrecy. Watch the churches empty out as Catholics are being asked to join up with their right-wing Protestant cohorts, in a misguided effort to do ChristÕs work, from a decidedly right-wing, ideological viewpoint. Most Catholics are not going to put up with this all male decree. It ainÕt going to work in the 21st century. People are getting way to sophisticated, what with No Child ŌLeftĶ Behind, and all.


-Are you falling under the influence of Murdochization? Rupert Murdoch owns practically every media source in the U.S. Everywhere. Everything. So why not subscribe to the best small circulation paper in Illinois, as judged by The Illinois Press Association. An antidote for Murdochization-The Zephyr. Congratulations to Norm for a job well done.