Accounting hocus-pocus

-- Bumper sticker of the week: There is a very fine line between ''politician'' and ''mental illness.''--

Quote of the week: Some Presidential wisdom: ''The vast majority of our imports come from outside the country.''

''It isn't pollution that's harming the environment. It's the impurities in our air and water that are doing it.''

''It's time for the human race to enter the solar system.''

''Public speaking is very easy.'' George W. Bush--

The Register-Mail pushes the open meetings act to its obscene conclusion: In a flexing of its atrophied muscles, the Register-Mail complains that the Knox County Board did not mail out an agenda for its organizational meeting on December 2, 2002, thus causing the Board to call a special meeting, costing the taxpayers unnecessary dollars. The Register-Mail knew about the meeting, having published an article about what was to happen there days before. They've been harping about the committee structure of the board as being ineffective for years. At the meeting where the Chairman was going to attempt to change the mind of the board about using committees, the Register-Mail calls a foul on a technicality. No tricks by the board. They were certainly not attempting to meet in secret, since the Illinois statutes clearly spells out that this meeting must be held the first Monday of December, after the election. Maybe this is a sign that the Register-Mail is going Democrat. I sure hope not.--

The point of life: To live it.--

Knox County Nursing Home ends year in black: The Knox County nursing home is a county owned business that gets over $500,000 in tax revenue to prop up its retirement fund; gets another approximate $500,000-700,000 in tax revenue for capital improvements; pays no real estate taxes; and borrows up to $450,000 from the general fund, interest free, to cover operating expenses (which it does pay back). And somebody has the audacity to report it made a $159,000 profit! Only the Register-Mail would believe such hocus-pocus. Well, and maybe the board.--

There seems to be a lot of squabbling going on over at Knox College: Seems one of the alumni is upset about all the lesbian activity. Seems to think it is un-American, un-Christian, un-Natural, un-Healthy. I don't know what the folks at Knox are so upset about. Who the hell cares what he thinks? The only thing I would recommend is to check your admissions criteria. Somewhere it should be clearly stated. ''No Blooming Right-Wingers Allowed.'' After all, it is a ''Liberal'' Arts College.--

Bush cleans house for the next 2-year onslaught: O'Neill is out. Way too much sense. Colin Powell will be next. Both will be replaced by staunch right-wingers. The next two years will be like none ever before in American history. If you think it is bad now, hang on. The national debt will go up by trillions (you don't hear Republicans say much about this nowadays); unemployment will be reported at 12-15 percent (which means it will actually be at 30 percent); 65 million people will be without health-care (that level is presently at 45 million); and the only foreign country safe for Americans to travel in will be Texas.--

Some relevant oxymorons:

* State worker

* Business ethics

* Amtrak schedule

* Military intelligence

* Compassionate conservative

* Peace force

* Religious tolerance

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