— The Iraqi war distracts us from the pathetic shape the U.S. economy is in.


— Globalization distracts us from the systematic dismantling of labor unions.


— Intelligent design distracts us from intelligence.


— Stopping for a train 6 out of 8 times I go down Seminary Street is a major distraction to my life.


— Two new shopping centers on the outskirts of town will further distract us from downtown.


— I saw a roadside sign that declared, A church for this generation. I aint sure what that means, but Im guessing it would be a major distraction.


— Condoleezza Rice is a major distraction and a lousy liar.


— The Victoria Secret Holiday Special was a major distraction.


— It is a distraction to have to worry all the time about how our government is embarrassing itself.


— Tom DeLay is a distraction from common decency.


— The oil industry distracts us from developing alternative energy sources.


— I get distracted just about every time I watch a city council meeting.


— I pay a lot of taxes to help support a lot of other retirement programs, which is a major distraction to my own.


— Cell phones are a major distraction to drivers.


— New Orleans is a distraction from common sense.


— Planning for tomorrow distracts us from today.


— How many times have I been distracted by tight jeans?


— The corporate, political news media distracts us from the truth.


— Right-wing Christians distract us from finding God.


— The one thing Galesburg citizens are not distracted by is work.


— Flags and mottoes and creeds and slogans are distractions from compassion, justice, diversity, and peace.


— Alcohol and drugs distract many people from becoming the person they would want to be.


— I get distracted when they put up things to read in the john. The end result is I usually pee down my leg.


— Fear is a distraction used by George W. and Company.


— Authority is a distraction, often used in place of competence.


Distractions. Theyre everywhere.