Bumper sticker of the week: A clear conscience is the first sign of Alzheimer’s.

– Quote of the week: "In this world of sin and sorrow there is always something to be thankful for; as for me, I rejoice that I am not a Republican." H. L. Mencken

– Terrorism: President Bush can’t understand why the rest of the world hates us. He seems to have a hard time grasping reality. Attacking a foreign country under false pretenses and killing 100,000 of their citizens produces hatred; overthrowing foreign heads of state produces hatred; cramming Christianity down everyone’s throat produces hatred; attempting to destroy the United Nations produces hatred; totally ignoring the rights of others in the pursuit of the almighty dollar produces hatred; trashing the environment for profit produces hatred; his arrogant and callous attitude toward other countries produces hatred; his total disregard for the poor produces hatred. President Bush is not a solution to terrorism. He creates it.

– Holy guacamole: It’s Christmas time in the city. I’m always a little ambivalent about Christmas, mainly because I think Christ has been so badly misused and abused. I doubt Christ would hardly recognize what’s being pawned off as Christianity today. And I’m almost 100% sure he wouldn’t approve of today’s commercialism of Christmas. But I don’t want this to mislead anyone. I do like getting presents.

– Responsible drinking: If you drink too much this holiday season, that’s not responsible and you probably won’t get any presents from Santa.

– A Christmas Wish: I wish Donald Trump would go to the White House and yell out, "You’re fired!" Just my luck, Bush will be on one of his many vacations.

– As though we haven’t done enough to Native Americans: Over the last 50 years or so, the U.S. government has dumped most of our toxic wastes and unexploded bombs on Native American reservations. Since most of the land we gave Native Americans is hardly fit for human habitation anyway, the government figures it’s a great place to store our toxic trash. No big deal if a few more Native Americans die. We haven’t ever much worried about that. Will this blatant disregard for Native American lives ever end? (I personally think all that toxic stuff should be stored under the White House, not to be confused with the Weik House. There would all of a sudden be a whole lot less of it).

– "You can’t tell the children there isn’t any hope." James Baldwin

– Domestic terrorism = fixed elections.

– AARP opposes Bush’s plan to allow for private investment of individual payroll deductions for social security. How bold of them, to oppose a Bush idea, immediately after the election. I’m still boycotting.

– I’m feeling a draft: With another four years of Bush, look out for the draft. We are desperately short of foot soldiers. And Bush has preemptive war plans for Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Haiti, and who knows where else. (Probably a couple of blue states). Soldiers are currently suing the government for illegally extending their enlistment and war-zone time. You can bet the ranch that the subject of a draft is going to come up. On Bush’s recent trip to Canada, I’m sure he discussed a draft and dodging the draft with the Canadian Prime Minister. Bush don’t want our young children running off to Canada. He has other plans for them.