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Answering the e-mail:

Dear Mr. Peever: Do you get a lot of pop-up ads on your e-mail? Mike

Dear Mike: Yes. Mainly pornography. It's awful.

Dear Peever: Do you think anyone will come into Galesburg to occupy the Maytag facility? Larry

Dear Larry: Maytag is leaving town because they don't want to pay their workers a living wage. Do you know any businesses today that want to do that? The question becomes, do workers want to sell their time for $6-7 dollars an hour? Obviously, $6-7 dollars is more than zero. There are no easy answers. Right-winged conservatism has taken us back to the 1880's. Today, everything is once again weighted towards management and greed. Over the next decade, workers will once again need to fight for their fair share. Another example of life being a cycle.

Dear Bruce: Attacking Iraq. Your viewpoint? Elizabeth

Dear Elizabeth: Inevitable. I don't believe it has anything to do with security or weapons. After all, we have given or sold Iraq almost all the weapons they possess. I believe it is about oil. Oil futures. Rebuilding Iraq after we decimate it. Remember, oil runs deep in the veins of this administration. For Bush and Cheney's oil-rich buddies, blowing up Iraq and Afghanistan is money in the bank.

Dear Peever: What do you think about genetically modified food crops? Something doesn't seem to be adding up? Arlen

Dear Arlen: Genetically modified crops have never added up for anyone but the chemical companies, i.e. Monsanto. It is a marketing scheme to ensure themselves of the highest profits possible, without competition. They managed to get their modified seeds put into production before anyone could question their product. All of a sudden there are enormous problems. And who suffers. The farmers and consumers. Here's some good advice: If a chemical company is involved, take heed! You're about to get fleeced for profit. And you can count on it being to the detriment of everyone's health and well-being.

Dear Mr. Weik: What do you think about people who sell charity for religion? Carol

Dear Carol: I don't think much of it. I think it's cheap. And it ain't charity. Charity should be given free of conditions. Making people bow down to your concept of God in return for food and shelter is my idea of hell.

Dear Peever: What do you think about Trent Lott? Mary

Dear Mary: I think racism resides in his heart. He's too smart to say what he don't mean, in public. On the other hand, we need to be careful judging him. Racism resides in many a person's heart. He should remove himself, at the very least, from a leadership role. He has lost his ability to lead anyone who is attempting to clear their heart of racial hatred.

Dear Mr. Peever: Could you please explain your disgust with right-winged Christians? I understand you think they are dangerous. Does this have anything to do with your potty training? Laura

Dear Laura: I was potty trained in one day. Of course, I was 22. It is true, I distrust people who combine Christianity with right-winged ideology. I consider this a dangerous mix. Look around you, you can see what happens when this occurs. You get these arrogant human beings who think they know what is best for everyone. They believe homosexuals are perverts; they are willing to fry people who have committed a crime, but call the termination of an unwanted pregnancy murder; praying in public is alright, until it involves prayers from religions other than Christianity; let's ignore science and take mythological stories as fact; censorship becomes an everyday practice; and somehow, Republicanism seems more righteous than just about anything. I don't buy any of it. I don't think it is good for mankind. I think the whole thing is X-Fileish.

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