Baker runs on his record

17th District Congressman Lane Evans got the best news possible last week -- that Republican Mark Baker will likely be his opponent again in the November general election. Baker says, ''Third time's a charm.'' I say history repeats itself -- Evans will win again. Of course, Baker has to beat two physicians in the primary, Hal Bayne, a retired oral surgeon (and no smart candidate would include the word ''oral'' anywhere in his resume) and Michael Curtiss, who is completely looney, having sold guns to raise campaign funds and just debated two live chickens because his primary opponents refused to participate. Soooo, Baker will probably win the Republican nomination.

You know, Mark Baker is a nice, friendly guy. He and I saw each other a lot during my short run for State Representative in 1996. We first met while campaigning at the the Henry County fair in weather so hot we could hardly breathe and every breath coated our teeth with dust. People don't understand that politicians of every ilk have much in common and are often good friends. To start with, we're all a little nuts. That's the first qualification for running for political office.

But Mark simply does not have the depth, background, education or innate intelligence to compete with Lane Evans for United States Congress. Baker- backers can babble all they want about Evan's health. Republicans are already saying, ''Gosh, he doesn't look good, does he?'' referring to Evan's battle with Parkinson's disease. My answer to that is that Parkinson's is a physical disability, not mental, and if Evans were in a wheelchair, no one would dare say a word.

And because the Republicans really have no issues this election year, Baker is going to concentrate on the ''moral decay'' in this country, blaming it all on the ''liberals.'' Boy, this is getting old. I'd be willing to bet that if a poll were taken of the families whose children have murdered teachers and other students at various schools this last year, most of them would consider themselves Republicans. Why? Because they are rich professionals, so busy making money in this wonderful economy they didn't have time for their kids or notice all the guns and bombs lying around in their bedrooms and basements. No -- it's not the kids of welfare mothers who are shooting up their classmates. It's the rich kids from two parent families.

And I'm always fascinated that the political party which supposedly fears government interference in our lives, is so obsessed with sex and our personal lives they would put cameras in all our bedrooms if they had a chance. Talk about ''big brother'' watching us. Republicans are very selective of where they don't want government to interfere. When it comes to welfare for farmers and big corporations, they love government interference. But when it comes to welfare for the poor, displaced and minorities -- it's suddenly ''big government.'' Really, it's time to put on another record. Or another CD, whatever.

Baker is running for congress on HIS record -- and the election outcome will be no surprise.

Uploaded to The Zephyr Online January 25, 2000

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