In My Opinion                      Caroline Porter


Foley gives alcoholics and gays a bad name.


Once again the news media and the uninformed are confusing gays with child predators and one does not imply the other. There are also heterosexual child predators, and there is no connection between alcoholism and child sexual perversion.

Of course, Congressman Foley has done what politicians have done for decades, retreat to a rehabilitation center to escape media attention and responsibility for his actions. If the Democrats are getting pure joy out of this situation, as I am, it is because the Republican Party has held itself to be holier than thou, the party of Òfamily values,Ó ad nauseum. WeÕve had this hypocritical garbage thrown at us enough, and thereÕs nothing more fun than seeing the pious and imperious found to be - well- just disgusting. Kind of brings to mind Jimmy Swaggert and Jimmy Baker, President Nixon and Spiro Agnew. When people are so brainwashed they are surprised that a Democrat attends church, you know the babble has gotten out of hand.


While the House Republican leadership is being blamed for dropping the ball and not protecting the House pages, I also blame the parents of the young man involved in this latest scandal. Apparently his parents wished to keep the e-mails and harassment private – not rock the political boat, so asked that the situation be handled quietly. It was handled quietly all right, the problem was not solved and Congressman Foley continued his activity unfettered. The parents did a disservice to the page program, their son and his peers by asking to keep the situation under wraps.


Of course, if one wants to discuss the immorality of the Republicans in Washington, there are so many issues itÕs hard to know where to start. How about the administration lying to Congress, the people and the world so they could start a war in Iraq? How about abuse of prisoners and denying them habeas corpus? How about continuing the war in Iraq and sacrificing the lives and limbs of our young people just because the president, vice president and defense secretary have testosterone poisoning? How about spying on Americans without court orders? How about authorizing procurement of peopleÕs personal information from libraries and video stores? How about spending hundreds of billions of dollars on a war that canÕt be won, while the education, welfare, health and homeland security needs in this country are ignored?

ItÕs an administration with no respect for government, the people, or the constitution. How long can the voters support this frightening arrogance in our national government? Not much longer, I hope.


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