In My Opinion
by Caroline Porter

Random Thoughts

The Old Testament, a place no one wants to revisit.

A short response to homophobics and preachers of intolerance. Thank God we are not still in the years of chaos and violence of the Old Testament. Among other disasters, men would still have multiple wives and trade them like cattle. Our religious rituals would include the sacrifice of live human beings. In our discussions, I ask that we leave Old Testament history and venture into the New Testament, which is, after all, the basis of the Christian religion -- the teachings and philosphy of Jesus. His words and actions teach love, tolerance and compassion, that our sins are forgiven, that we are all God's children. Gentlemen, it's time to get down off your imaginary mountains and accept that you are as sinful as the next guy and that God will be our judge, not you.

Bush and the terrorists

I have a confession to make: I rather like President George W. Bush. I like the twinkle in his eye, his grin and his irreverent attitude towards the Washington elite. However, he seemed to be an example of the old ''Peter principle,'' someone who has reached his level of incompetence. But my heart has gone out to him since the day I watched -- live -- the events of September 11th, including the President being told what was happening while in front of school children in Sarasota. I wept at the expression of horror on his face. Who can help but sympathize with a man thrust into a such a fearful and responsible position? He's aging and growing up before our eyes. Sure, he's fun-loving and cocky and really isn't the smartest guy we've had in the White House. Although, Bill Clinton certainly proved, both positively and negatively, that IQ ain't everything.

Bush's simple and straightforward style in explaining government actions and positions seems sincere. Gone are the cockiness and the smirk. He's got an enormous job to do and he's proving capable of effective leadership. We don't know where this war against terrorism will lead; it could become a quagmire of unsolved problems and impossible situations. With all my heart, I hope the President, his team and our elected leaders will know what to do, and when.

Henderson Street, the West side runway

Now that Henderson Street is cleared of barricades and the huge expanse of the renovation is available to us, we again have to figure out where to drive, what lane to use. The street is so humongous it gobbles up traffic. I feel like I'm on an air strip and at any moment might look into the rear view mirror to see a plane behind me. We could hold the entire Railroad Days festival in two blocks of Henderson Street. How handy. The off-street by-passes are already in place.

And one of my favorite quotes:

''Show me a woman who doesn't feel guilty and I'll show you a man.''--

Erica Jong

Caroline Porter is a freelance writer from Galesburg who can be reached at cporter@galesburg. net.

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