...with not a heck of a lot of other things to do with his time, a telecommuter shares some of his musings on the current state of business and the current state of some of his none-of-his-business.

...what happened to all the new millennium hype and will we also celebrate the real new millennium again this year? Who decides what the new hypes will be, anyway? Is there a committee?

...here's a real good business practice, charge people over a dollar for telephone directory assistance.

...why do they word questions on voting ballots so that "NO" means "YES" and vice versa?

...what is the sense of leasing a new car? If you outright buy it, at least you end up with something. If you lease it because you can't afford to buy it then you can't afford to buy it or lease it, and you end up with nothing, well, except the option to buy it, which you could have done in the beginning if you could have afforded it.

...One could do a lot better with $20,000 than to buy a car...something that you leave outside and watch it's value rust and deteriorate. Kinda like reverse interest.

...a house is like a car...you pay an awful lot for it and end up leaving it outside.

...why does one need a mortgage anyway, if a house in not paid off, all the interest goes to a bank or lending institution, if it is paid off, you lose your interest deduction and all that money goes to the government to pay taxes. A lo$e-lo$e situation

...in an Economics class I was taught that "Everything costs something else" ...meaning that if you bought a car for $20,000, that would be $20,000 you wouldn't have for, say maybe, tuition for your children, a nice down payment on a condo, a vacation in Rio.

...to actually pay off the national debt, you have to actually pay it off and not add more to it, any successful business person knows the theory behind this.

...dogs are not fun anymore. They can't hardly go anywhere alone, and what fun is that for a leash-lawed pooch...or it's owner. Rough rough

...you'd be scared if you were to extrapolate population growth equations, but the potential for new business growth would be phenomenal, but again, we're running out of space to put the stuff that we could buy.

...butter, chocolate, alcohol, olive oil, coffee, tea, fiber....oh what will be their new millennium cycles? Sometimes good. Sometimes bad...never, but never neutral.

...one of the hardest occupations is probably a comedian and I'm not joking.

...political correctness is still choking the hell out of uniqueness.

...when you read a small article about some well intentioned schmuck genius who invents a car engine that doesn't pollute and will runs on 62% water it seems it never catches on. Do these engines really exist or are they urban legends. Do big auto makers buy these inventions and then destroy them so they can continue to monopolize on the petro-hogs?

...would it possible to find two people in the same state, one of which played the ukelele and the other the accordian...and form a small sedate heavy metal Dixieland ensemble.

...being a soccer dad or mom must be horrific...just telecomuting alone is a big chore.

...that unnamed fast food hamburger place was sure alot nicer when it was just burgers, fries and shakes and everything was ready when you ordered it.

...if you have children, you most likely have scads of free toys from these fast food joints... obtrusive toys

...I need about three hundred more words to complete this article or I'm dead meat.

...the internet provides too much information, most of it malarkey.

...I'm enthralled by the fact you can save six bucks on an item ordered from the internet or some catalog, and pay $9.95 to have it shipped... Hmmmmmmmm... another of those reverse interest deals I guess.

...my next door neighbor has like this old old Chevy truck...the engine is so simple that when it breaks, he can fix it!

...my home state is called "Vacationland", at least that's what it says on our license plates. We had a question on our ballots this year that wanted to legalize physician assisted suicide after a six-month residency requirement was met. My wife said we could have changed our plate slogan to "Permanent Vacationland" ...had that law passed.

...a quick telephone pole tale (I know that everyone has got one)...a pole in front of our house went bad from age, it was cracked somewhere beneath the surface of the earth...a tree man working at a house across the way determined this and told me. I call the telephone people to inform them. They send out someone to evaluate and determine. They evaluate and they determine. They leave. Time passes and a brush clearing team shows up to clear the area around the pole for the team that will actually come and change the pole. They leave. Time passes and two teams show up to change the pole. They do this. They leave the old pole in place and then, they too leave. Time passes and line people come and they move the phone related wires from the old pole to the new pole. They do not move the wires that are not theirs...the appropriate wire people must do this. They leave. Some more time pass and the appropriate wire people do not show up. Two seasons pass. I see a phone person working outside one day, I inquire...they say, "Don't worry. it will get done." We both laugh, that mocking, knowing and fully understanding kind of laugh There is a self-evident unprofitable business element inherent in this tale that, to date, unfortunately, is only half told...can you spot it?