Live8, like its promoters, is a fraud


By Alun Thomas


Perhaps the most pointless and self indulgent event of the decade thus far takes place on July 2nd, when LIVE8, the follow up to 1985Õs Live Aid, is held in various continents with a series of concerts aimed at influencing world leaders to wipe out the debt of impoverished African nations when these leaders meet at the G8 summit at Gleneagles in Scotland next month. Organized by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure, the intention is to force George Bush and company to erase the debt of these thrid world nations so 30,000 children wonÕt die every day amidst poverty and decay that apparently only Africa suffers. Add stupendous frauds like Bono, Sting and Elton John into the mix and the world is faced with an event of sickening proportions.

 IÕm not interested in any of the bands playing at the various shows worldwide. That they are participating is their personal shame. IÕm sickened more by the stances of people like Geldof and Bono, men who think they have risen above the status of below average muscians and are now equipped to be politicians. Truthfully could there be a more disgusting individual than Bono on this earth? Here we have a hack vocalist in arguably the worlds dullest band, U2, who has been a millionare since he was in his early 20s, yet claims to be a product of the working class. Oh thatÕs right, heÕs Irish, that means heÕs seen everything, the war-torn streets of Belfast and religious fanaticism taking to violent ends. Lies. Over the past few years BonoÕs taken to championing the cause of African nations crippled by debt, starvation, AIDS and genocide. How foolish and pretentious, thatÕs their own problem.

Tyrants, dictators, thatÕs all Africa knows. What does Bono think a nine-year-old boy walking down the street in war-torn Angola armed with a machine gun might say to him? Nothing. HeÕd shoot him in the face without thinking. But donÕt worry young manÉ Bono, heÕs on your side. HeÕs here to make your life mean something. Once your debt is wiped, everything will change overnight. No more children dying, no more uneducated people passing AIDS on to everyone they meet, no more Idi Amins or Robert MugabeÕs raping their people for their own wealth. No more genocide either. Overnight, marauading gangs of militants will lay down their macheteÕs and give praise to Bono and Geldof.

Who do these men think they are. Forcing their agenda down the throats of the world to give meaning to a cause only they believe in. Everyone will watch the concerts and be overwhelmed by images of poverty-stricken Africans and be brainwashed by Coldplay and Pink Floyd into thinking this is a noble cause.

I take it then that only Africa suffers from these ravages? Here in the United States thereÕs no poverty, no one living homeless or starving É or anywhere else in the world. IÕm in debt, pay off mine you bastards. I have to work to do this. No one cares about the common man though, heÕs got it good, he has all the opportunities at his disposal. LetÕs see Bono walk down some of the worst areas of our own nation. He wouldnÕt care about those desperate people.

I hope the G8 nations choose to do nothing and leave Africa in their state of turmoil. Then let the world see BonoÕs reaction. Listen up Bono, you are merely a singer, and a bad one at that. You and Geldof have that in common. But somehow he meets with Bush on this subject.

Gary Lightbody of a band called Snow Patrol said ÒItÕs about justice É kids having enough food to live healthily, their right to a decent education Éand given proper health care.Ó Is he talking about the U.S?  Many children donÕt have any of those things here. Proper health care for Africa? How about the U.S? — a nation where it is unaffordable for millions?

 I hope nobody with any rational sense is buying into this sham of an event. I hope they do not sit down and are moved by the words of Bono and brought to action, just because a celebrity told them to. If they do it proves the world has no mind of its own and had to be told when to act. They canÕt do it for themselves. They need Bono.

Does anyone really care about AfricaÕs debt? If it isnÕt affecting them, why would they? Daily life is hard enough without having to worry about bloated children covered in flies. It could be me tomorrow. I could lose my job, be forced onto the streets and who would care? But then who am I? Nobody. Just a part time writer with nothing to say.

I wonÕt take Bono. I despise him. And if the rest of the world and the G8 takes him on July the second, then we really are doomed.