Poison's summer tour package has become a tradition of sorts: this years version was the fourth year running. Admittedly the lineup for 2002's tour wasn't all that exciting on paper, Faster Pussycat, Winger and Cinderella joining Poison. Of those three only the original members of Winger reuniting roused any interest in me. Pussycat and Cinderella I have always loathed, their tedious rock some of the 80's worst. Not much of a gig to attend having spent the last two years avoiding concerts altogether.


Shows like this always attract the usual assortment of 80's outcasts, who appear to have missed the 90's onwards. Scanning these rejects I took my seat to the sight of Faster Pussycat. The sight was obscene. Here you have a semi popular 80's sleaze (read shit) rock band, two of whom are decked out in full Nazi regalia. The others dressed as Marilyn Manson devotees, appropriate as vocalist Taime Downe pursued that direction in an even worse band called The Newlydeads. So to see them perform a stale set of 80's rock in such garb was a joke. What's their motivation? Their hearts obviously aren't in this dated farce so the promise of a decent payday is the only answer. Personally I felt the desire to grab an axe, storm the stage and cut them in half.


After these pathetic punsters departed the reunited Winger took the stage. One of the best of all the 80's hard rockers they still cut it live. With the addition of guitarist Jon Roth, combined with Reb Beach and Paul Taylor, the sound was heavy metal. This insane wall of sound made staples like 'Seventeen' almost unrecognisable. They were the only band to jam, delivering some awe inspring segments that I know confused a simple crowd. "I don't remember this" muttered some prat behind me. kip Winger's stage attire was amusing. A beat up pink shirt with white trainers and blue jeans had him look like he had just hit the timeclock with me at work. That's the way to go. Still the memories of the good old days left me thinking if any of these guys wanted to be there.


Cinderella have always been Z grade in my book and this merely proved it. Supposed classics like 'Shake Me', 'Gypsy Road' and 'Nobody's Fool' left me motionless and pissed off that I should be in bed sleeping instead. Guitarist Jeff LeBar aped Jimmy Page 1979 with his white pants, black collared shirt and fag hanging out his mouth, while bassist Eric Brittingham looked like some mid 90's metal reject, not unlike Frank Bello minus the hair. I watched them only to observe Brittingham. At odds with the others he stumbled about, providing no backing vocals, stickng to his side of the stage. I knew then he was faking it. Like Pussycat he is in it for the pay day instead of any musical credibility. I might be wrong but I doubt it. Crowd loved it anyway, but I'm not being cynical, I just hate their music.



Poison are Poison. Good time rock and roll and only one song from new album 'Hollyweird', and that's The Who cover 'Squeeze Box'. They know no one's bought the bloody thing. So you get the favourites like 'Nothin' But A Good Time', 'Talk Dirty To Me' and 'Every Rose Has It's Thorn', which prompted some slimes in front of me to stand, hug each other and remember when they met in 88. Then he goes home and duffs her up in a drunken rage. Crowd loved them even more, and thumbs up for 'Ride The Wind', a definite classic. They were the only band who looked like they wanted to be there, but with all the women surrounding them at the side of the stage I'd be happy too.Bret Michaels tells the crowd their used tickets are good for their concert in St Loius on Friday. Crowd goes insane as if they will be there. Sales not so good?


Crowd reaction was delirious all night to all four bands. Am I a miserable sod for not feeling the same way? No. I'm too jaded to give a stuff anymore. I would have felt the same if it had been Iron Maiden. I dislike concerts, that's all. Too many people constantly moving from their seats to get beer and then piss. And when I did go to take a leak I was met in the stall by a large nut filled piece of crap. I almost vomited. Just let me sit in my own room listening to Rose Tattoo's 'Get Me Out Of This Place'. That's the real deal James.