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Any of the four teams that won would have finished in the top 4 at Redbird Arena. Coach: Evan Massey will be starting his 30th season and he has a career record of 654-220 (.748). Jaque Howard replaces Steve Peachey as the assistant coach. Mike Rux will coach the sophomores, Jay Barshinger the freshmen. Roster Keli Jo Hinkle Sr 5Т7Ф Whitney Dehler Jr 5Т5Ф Sara Baker So 5Т8Ф Jessica Howard Fr 5Т7Ф Stef Baker Sr 5ТФ9 Taylor Young Sr 5Т7Ф Rachel Pendry Sr 6Т0Ф Kelly Ricketts Sr 6Т0Ф Shelby Pacheco So 5Т9Ф WhoТs Gone: Brenna Saline, Claire Anderson and Lia Anderson all graduated. Some underclassmen (Courtney Knuth, Kelsey Blake and Katie Hosteng) chose not to play basketball this season. WhoТs back: The Streaks return three starters in Pendry, Young and Ricketts. Pendry and Young were All-Conference players last season in the Western Big 6. Hinkle played off the bench last year. Newcomer Howard will see a lot of time for the Streaks. WhoТs Starting: Because of HinkleТs illness, the Streaks will go with a c orps of 7 players this weekend. Starting will be Ricketts, Young, Pendry, Howard and Dehler. Stefanie and Sara Baker will come off the bench. Keli Jo Hinkle may play on a limited basis over the weekend and into the early part of the season. Strengths: Young is a four-year starter at point guard, which has never happened before. Ricketts and Pendry are two established, proven players up front. Stable coaching staff. Tradition. Experience. УThat should be a real plus for us,Ф said Massey. УPendry, Ricketts and Young have played in about 300 varsity games between the three of them.Ф Weaknesses: Losing Saline and the Andersons hurt. Saline was the go-to player for the Streaks. УObviously you donТt replace them,Ф said Massey. УWeТre fortunate in that we have some strong seniors coming back who played a lot of varsity ball over the years. We would anticipate that their games will be elevated from a year ago.Ф Outlook: Galesburg hopes to generate more offense inside. УOur posts will score more inside,Ф said Massey. УWe need to get the ball to Ricketts more than we did last year and get her more shots. Pendry is finishing more around the basket and Stef baker can finish there as well. We also hope to apply more defensive pressure using Hinkle, Dehler and Young.Ф Schedule: Bloomington replaces Sterling on the schedule. The Streaks will still play in their Thanksgiving Classic, travel to Bloomington for the State Farm Classic and host the Martin Luther King Tournament in February. The Streaks will travel to Queen of Peace, Canton, Peoria Notre Dame and New Trier along with their regular conference season of play. Must-See Games at Thiel Gym: Illini West (formerly Carthage) on November 17, Morton (December 1) Moline (December 13) Maine South (December 15) Rock island Alleman (January 24) and Quincy (February 7) Class 3A: With the advent of the four-class system for basketball, the Silver Streaks find themselves in Class 3A. What does it mean? They will be ranked in the top 10 for that class and the Sectionals will probably be in the Peoria area. УWeТll never see a difference in the quality of opponents at the Regional, sectional or Super Sectional level,Ф said Massey. УIf youТre good enough to get to State, it will be different because only four schools will be there and there will be none of the big suburban schools we have played in the past.Ф Injury Update: Keli Jo Hinkle will miss the first two weeks of the season because of an illness. Look for Stefanie Baker, Sara Baker and Whitney Dehler to get some extended playing time. Player to Watch: Taylor Young. This is always a tough one to call but keep an eye on Young, who has a new confidence in her outside shot. Camp Quote: УYou just hear her name and you know sheТs all business. SheТs going to leave it all on the floor.ФЧ Assistant Coach Jaque Howard on senior point guard Taylor Young. Radio Broadcasts: Both Galesburg AM radio stations (WGIL and WAIK) are in the process of overhauling their broadcast crews and are not set as of press time. The biggest impact will be on WAIK where Dave Klockenga and Jerry Hise had many loyal listeners. Forecast: Last yearТs team will never get their due because of the Sectional loss but that was a team that won 30 games. They blew through the Western Big 6 like Patton did France. This yearТs team will be another good one, no doubt. You have to figure another 20-win season and contention in the Big 6 as a minimum. 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