Advertising in The Zephyris easy...
...and it's real inexpensive!

We have the largest circulation and the lowest price of any weekly paper authorized to run legal notices in Knox County.
Click for legal advertising rates.
Click for our copyright notice package.
Our national open rate is only $4.00 per column inch.
The same ad repeated the next week is half price.
A full page is $350; a half page is $175.
Color is an additional $60.
Our design and layout service is free!
Call (309) 342-2010 or (800) 248-3750 for more information;
fax your insertion order to (309) 342-2728
or email it to

The Zephyr
Post Office Box One
Galesburg, Illinois 61402-0001

Thank you.

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Last modified May 24, 2003