Best of the Burg 2000 Winners

by Norm Winick

We've finally tabulated the results from hundreds of entries and are ready to award our coveted ''Best of the Burg'' awards. As the suspense builds, be assured that each winner will receive a certificate suitable for framing that we expect to be prominently displayed for the world to see.

And the envelope, pleaseŠ

Best Pizza: Pizza Hut

Best Hot Dog: Coney Island

Best Chicken: KFC

Best BBQ: Rib Shack

Best Breakfast: Perkins

Best Lunch: Landmark

Honorable Mention: Applebee's

Best Casual Meal: Applebee's

Best Formal Meal: Jumer's

Honorable Mention: Packinghouse

Best Chinese Restaurant: New China Café

Best Mexican Restaurant: Jalisco

Best Italian Restaurant: Fazoli's

Best Steak: Steak House

Best Sub Sandwich: Hungry Hobo

Best Dessert: Landmark

Best Tavern: Seminary Street Pub

Best Coffee: Innkeepers

Best Ice Cream: Dairy Queen

Best Auto Repair: Custer's Auto Repair

Honorable Mention: Smith & Allen Garage

Best Auto Body Shop: Dave's Auto Body

Best Auto Parts: Parts House

Best Dry Cleaner: Knox Laundry

Best Day Care: Carl Sandburg College

Best Supermarket: Hy-Vee

Best Drug Store: Walgreens

Best Discount Store: Walmart

Best Jeweler: Eichhorns

Best Newspaper: The Zephyr

Best Barber Shop: Jerry's

Honorable Mention: Rich's

Best Beauty Salon: Hair, Etc.

Best Radio Station: WAIKBest New Car Dealer: Galesburg Lincoln-Mercury

Honorable Mention: Lakis Ford/Dodge

Honorable Mention: Bob Weaver Buick

Best Used Car Dealer: Lakis Ford/Dodge

Best Realtor: Century 21

Best Bank: Marquette

Best Fitness Center: YMCA

Best Pawn Shop: Bob's

Best Insurance Agency: Grant Bullis

Best Furniture Store: Radke's

Best Resale Shop: Cottage Corner

Best Website:

Best Nursing Home: Seminary Manor

Honorable Mention: Knox County

Best Local Politician: Mayor BobSheehan

Best State Politician: Carl Hawkinson

Honorable Mention: Don Moffitt

Best National Politician: Lane Evans

Best Dentist: (tie)

The Paceys

Kandy Sayrs

Reuel Owen

Best Secretary: Teresa McNeeley

Best Doctor: Valerie Flacco-Nesselroad

Best Nurse: Jackie Friend

Best Lawyer: Bill Butts

Best Teacher: Barb Devena

Honorable Mention: Sheryl Hinman

Honorable Mention: Jim Jacobs

Best Performer: Larry Diemer

Best Writer: (tie)

Bruce Weik

Mike Kroll

Martin Litvin

Best Athlete: Beau Shay

Best Coach: Evan Massey

Best Team: GHS Girl's Basketball

Best Band: (tie)

Second Mortgage

GHS Marching Streaks

There were also the usually assortment of write-in votes but a real shortage of funny comments. Several writers demeaned all the car dealers and auto repair shops. One said all the politicians are ''airheads.'' Who can argue? Other people voted as ''notŠ'' for certain politicians and we deducted a vote in those cases.

A vote for OB/GYN Tommy West came with the reason, ''he doesn't make his patients use stirrups.''

Forty-two different teachers received votes; thirty-seven different establishments received votes as Best Lunch and thirty-five different nurses had at least one patient who liked them.

Ram Sweeney received more votes than anyone else as ''Best Personality.'' That wasn't a category we had but he's a fictional character on WAIK, so it all fits. He'll get a fictional certificate.

Monica Lewinsky was named on one ballot as best teacher. Unfortunately, she had only one student and I don't think that was his ballot.

We forgot to include the category of Best Pastime but the clear winner was ''waiting at railroad crossings.'' The BNSF/Canadian National will get their certificate if I can ever get to the Post Office without waiting for a train.

The best stuffing of the ballot box goes to Judge Harry Bulkeley and his fans of his band, Second Mortgage. They stuffed enough to earn a tie for Best Band and for a category of their own design, Best Album, for ''Not as bad as it sounds.'' Now if they'd give me a free copy, I can see if it deserves a certificate.

People still don't know the difference between a local, state and national politician. We sorted out the votes before counting them as much as we could. We didn't count Monte Gifford's vote as Best Performer, though.

Thank you to everyone who voted. Your certificates are in the mail.

Uploaded to The Zephyr Online February 3, 2000

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